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    Starfield features a whole arsenal of personal weapons to protect the adventurers from the perils of their interstellar journeys, be they human or alien. Some of them feature cutting-edge technology to deliver firepower, while others look and feel like they belong to the times long past. Technology aside, I still found some deadlier than others, and this guide will bring you a list of the top 10 best weapons you can find in Starfield.

    Top 10 best weapons in Starfield

    10 – Wakizashi

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    Wakizashi is the perfect tool for the job if you want to bring some tradition into your science fiction. This weapon will make you feel like a true space ninja, providing a decent damage output while retaining low weight. There are multiple ways of obtaining this weapon, but I found it on UC Exchange in Cydonia.

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    9 – Bridger

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    Bridger is the type of weapon to bring when you need some heavy firepower. It has an uncanny resemblance to an old-world Winchester-type rifle, but make no mistake; this weapon packs a lot bigger punch than the small .22 could ever provide. Its prowess is lessened by its rarity, as I could only find it occasionally stocked in Neon Tactical.

    8 – Urban Eagle

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    Urban Eagle is an excellent pistol you can unlock early in the game. It works very well as a sidearm for almost any build, and you can equip a suppressor to make it more stealthy. Its damage output is very satisfactory, with plenty of ammo to go around. To find it, visit any larger weapons vendors in major cities.

    7 – Unmigitated Violence

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    Unmigitated Violence really lives up to its name, as it is the best and most powerful laser rifle you can obtain in Starfield. We don’t have it higher up on the list because you get it late in the campaign by defeating the Hunter during the Revelation main quest.

    6 – Hard Target

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    If the stealth sniper build is the name of your game, then the Hard Target is a must-have in your arsenal. This is the best sniper rifle in the game, and I find it especially effective when you combine it with Stealth for an additional damage bonus. Obtaining the Hard Target will be challenging, as it’s a rare weapon that drops from boss enemies. You can sometimes find it at the Trade Authority on Neon, where you can sell contraband.

    5 – Experiment A-7

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    Experiment A-7 is a more powerful version of the Breach shotgun, modified to deal 30% more damage to alien enemies. I found it while looting a container in the Aranae system, but it may be different for you because I believe it spawns randomly. It’s an excellent shotgun, especially if modded with flechettes.

    4 – Deadeye

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    Like the Keelhauler, Deadeye is another high-powered revolver with excellent damage output that surpasses its mentioned competitor, albeit at the cost of the fire rate. Obtaining it is rather easy, as I got it when I joined the Freestar Rangers faction. If you don’t feel like a pirate, this is the Keelhauler’s good karma counterpart.

    3 – Microgun

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    Microgun goes more as an honorable mention thanks to its ridiculous rate of fire, which quickly eats through your ammo reserves despite providing serious damage per second. While it fires, it quickly turns everything you point it at to mush, but its ammo is few and far between, and you need plenty to sustain its voracious appetite. To obtain this incredible and iconic weapon, you must complete the Hostile intelligence mission for the UC faction.

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    2 – Keelhauler

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    Keelhauler is a souped-up version of Magshot, widely considered the best handgun in the game. This is thanks to its enormous damage output, which only increases with appropriate weapon skills. Its .43MI ammunition can be difficult to find, so I kept the pistol for boss encounters only. You can get the Keelhauler as a reward for completing the Echoes of the Past mission.

    1 – Big Bang

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    Big Bang is the ultimate killing instrument, and it will smear your opponents with extreme prejudice. It is a particle beam shotgun, which means it deals both physical and energy damage to opponents. The ammo for it can be rare as it uses heavy fuze ammo, but carrying it is still worth it as I found it to be effective at close and medium range. It is a high-level weapon, typically found on dead enemies and in areas rich with loot.

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