How to heal in Dark and Darker



    Upon entering the dungeon in Dark and Darker, you will be faced with various monsters and other adventurers. The combat is brutal, harsh and punishing, and you will often come out taking damage. This may leave you wondering how to heal and restore your health in Dark and Darker.

    How to restore health in Dark and Darker

    There are multiple ways to heal and restore health in Dark and Darker. many of them you will find while you explore the dungeon, but some lessons I’ve got healing abilities. Any item you find or a skill that provides healing must be equipped before it can be used. Here are all the ways to heal in Dark and Darker.

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    • healing shrines
    • healing potions
    • bandages
    • Field Rations (Ranger Skill)
    • Second Wind (Fighter Skill)
    • Healing Spells (Cleric)

    Unless you choose one of these three classes, you will have to rely on loot or shrines to heal yourself. Keeping your health up is important, and we recommend healing after most fights if you hurt yourself You can die extremely quickly if you are not prepared, so maintain your health.

    Healing potions can be quickly spotted as they are bright red and stand out in the dark. We usually find them on shelves, either stone or on shelves. Healing Shrines can be identified by the glowing white orb in the statues’ hands. Interact with these to use their healing benefits.

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