Closers celebrate holidays in stickers and bunny outfits



    When it comes to Christmas, what does your mind think about? There are many great items and things that keep the whole world interesting. Almost all of the players appreciate that the Games holiday will do for us. Play Closers

    Some artists have the idea of collecting things, but there also happens in winter the winter festival! Stickers can be earned from dungeon clears then combined for a variety of rewards. There’s also some login rewards, an Union Pass to fill out for goodies, a buff to item finds and a XP, and, of course, the sales in the cash shop. Don’t ask why this winter event features ladies in bikini tops; we just set up the game, bunny suits are Christmassy.

    But for me, it is not about events that don’t just ignore the warm weather in some outfits. The game is also feature of a content update that incorporates a new battle program, a phase awakening system and unique skills that can only be used in certain dungeons.

    – a website for the official site (1, 2 and 3).



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