How to go to the attic in Genshin Impact


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    The Genshin Impact Secret Summer Paradise event is taking place from July 5th, 2023, to August 16, 2023, bringing with it a limited-time area called the Veluriyam Mirage. During the event, you must complete the Summer Serendipity missions to unlock all areas of the Mirage.

    One of the objectives in the third quest, Secret Summer Paradise: Part III – Dreams and First Meetings!, will require you to find an attic. It’s located high above the treetops, and the problem is figuring out how to climb up.

    Where to find the penthouse in Genshin Impact – Dreams and First Encounters quest

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    After speaking with Zosimos, exit the house through the front door, as shown above. You will find yourself in a clearing filled with Hydro Eidolons and a fountain in the center.

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    come to the bright spot face two Hydro Eidolons for the quest to continue. You have to do this or the mission will not track your progress.

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    Once this is done, go down the small staircase to the right so that you are on the lower level of the platform (where the arrow points up). If you’re lost, check out the minimap in the image above to help you navigate.

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    This is the hard part. I spent so much time trying to figure out how to possibly ascend upwards as the search nav will point to the sky. All you need to do is look for to find Four Leaf Seals directly above you. Use them to propel yourself up, then land on the small platform. Follow the wooden path up to find another house and head inside to finally reach the attic.

    Once inside, you will be prompted to find the master script. Just walk up the wooden staircase to the second floor and interact with the Hydro Eidolon to complete the objective.

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