How to go to Medical School in BitLife


    If your dream is to become a doctor or surgeon, then you should know how to go to Medical School in BitLife. To attend medical school, you must have good intelligence statistics, usually above 90, and obtain a medical-related college degree.

    How to have a high intelligence stat in BitLife

    Rather than improving the character’s Intelligence stat over time, it is better to select a character with an Intelligence rating above 90 while creating your avatar. You can still reroll for said character or custom skin manually if you have the God-Mode DLC.

    Acquiring the stat at birth is only half the process, as you must maintain it until you gain admission. After you turn 13 and reach high school, use the Study Harder option every year.

    Make sure to use it every day until you graduate from high school. Also, start visiting the library and participating in debate contests to keep your brain sharp.

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    How to enroll in the Faculty of Medicine in Bitlife

    After graduating from high school, the next step is to enter a university. When applying, be sure to select any of the following courses as your major/major: Nursing, Scienceeither biology.

    If you can’t find such a theme, restart your app or increase the age to find a new set of options. Choose any of your taste and then complete the course without any hiccups. Be sure to use the Study More option to maintain the Intelligence stat.

    Immediately after college, click on the Medical School option under the Education tab to pursue higher education.

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    Once you are enrolled, a few years will pass and at this point you will become a doctor. He gets a job as a Jr. Physician or Associate Physician to enter the industry.

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    Keep working hard by increasing your work hours and using the Work Harder option to earn promotions. Over time, you will move up the ladder and land one of the next positions in the industry based on your path.

    • Doctor
    • Family doctor
    • Neurosurgeon
    • Senior psychiatrist

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