How to go in the direction of the bell in Wuthering Waves – Wild Heart’s Return


    Wild Heart’s Return is the companion story to Lingyang, a type of special quest in Wuthering Waves dedicated to exploring the characters’ origins. As you progress through the mission, you will be asked to go in the direction of the bell to find Lingyang. Here’s how to do it.

    Go in the direction of the bell in Wuthering Waves – Lingyang Companion Story Guide

    While this mission objective is active, the navigator will not direct you to the exact source of the bell ringing. However, part of the the map will be highlighted to indicate that the bell sounds can only be found within the enclosed space. When you leave the quest area, the bell sounds will no longer be audible.

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    The game implied that you had to follow the sound of the bell, but the sound doesn’t actually get louder the closer you get to the source, and the bell sounds the same anywhere in the mission area. Instead, the objective requires searching Acoustic impressionswhich are weak images of sound waves.

    While running through the quest area, Follow the direction the Acostic Prints are facing. to direct your character on the right path. They will continue to appear and disappear as you progress, so pay attention to the screen. If you have trouble seeing them during the day, change the game time to nighttime for better visibility.

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    You can also cheat by heading directly to the southern part of the area highlighted on the minimap, where the acoustic impressions will point in the direction of Lingyang. Approaching Lingyang will trigger dialogue and complete the objective.

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