How to get your first pet in Diablo 4


    Fighting for truth, justice, and the Sanctuary way can be lonely. While other players are good company, no one will ever love you as your faithful pet. The time has come to get your first pet in Diablo 4, and here we explain how to do it and never feel alone again.

    How to unlock your first pet in Diablo 4

    Image via Blizzard

    You must Complete a Faithful Companion Priority Mission to get your first pet in Diablo 4. Follow the instructions below to complete the quest and get your dog.

    1. Travel to Kyovashad.
    2. Follow the quest marker until you find a Well behaved dog.
    3. Interact with him to complete the mission by petting him.

    As a reward, you will get asheara the canine mascot. While this is your first pet in Diablo 4, you can get more. Imagine the happiness of your Diablo 4 mount when you keep it company!

    How to get all pets in Diablo 4

    Image via Blizzard

    The pets you have depend on the version of Diablo 4 Vessel of Hatred you purchased in advance. This is the pet you get in the Ultimate, Deluxe, and Standard editions. Although he Vessel of Hatred release date is October 8, 2024You can get pets right away if you pre-purchase this DLC.

    • Last edition – you’ll get Alcor the snow leopard mascot, Natalie the tiger mascot, and Hlrati the canine mascot.
    • Deluxe Edition – You will receive Alkor and Hratli.
    • Standard Edition – you will get Alkor.

    How to change pet in Diablo 4

    You can only bring one pet on your adventures in Diablo 4. To choose your favorite pet (and make others sad), head to your wardrobe and select any unlocked pet to equip. While their main function is to be cute, they will also help you collect gold and craft materials.

    Now that you know how to get your first pet in Diablo 4, check out how to get tempering recipes and how to unlock The Pit, here on MyFullGames.

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