How to get the secret wardrobe mission in Roblox The Classic


    The search for the Secret in the Closet is one of the most difficult challenges in the Roblox The Classic event. As a result, many players are flocking to the internet in search of a solution, which is why I have put together this comprehensive guide to help you complete the Wardrobe Secret quest.

    How to finish the Secret Wardrobe mission in the Roblox The Classic event

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    The main objective of this challenge is to find a hidden wardrobe in the Roblox Classic event center and collect the token. To get started, navigate to the Classic event center from the Roblox home page. Once in the game, go up to the top of the blue towerjust behind the checkpoint portals.

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    After reaching the top, type “rainbow” in the Roblox chat and press Enter. Surprisingly, a rainbow path will appear in front of you, which connects to the yellow platform a few meters away. At this point, walk along the rainbow path to reach the yellow platform and stand close to first circle to find an invisible hole.

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    Be sure to quickly navigate to the platform, however, as the path disappears after a few seconds. If you are late, you will die and have to repeat the whole process again.

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    After navigating the hidden passage, you’ll reach the Secret Closet, where one of Roblox Classic’s event tokens appears. Simply press the interaction button to collect the token and your mission will be marked as completed.

    You will eventually be able to use these tokens to claim items from the Roblox The Classic event in the rewards section.

    All Token rewards in Roblox The Classic

    Here is the list of rewards you can claim using Tokens while the Roblox The Classic event is going on:

    Prize Token cost
    Agonizingly Happy Cube 10 tokens
    Ancient Deity Shawl 5 tokens
    Empyrean reign of genius 6 tokens
    Kleos Erebus 15 tokens

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