Genshin Impact Teases Natlan With First Look At The Region’s Pokémon-Style Creatures


    Even though there are only three months left until the fated Natlan update, Genshin Impact has kept information about the land of dragons relatively scarce. But a one-minute preview attached to the patch 4.7 special just changed everything we thought we knew about the nation ruled by the Pyro Archon.

    Over the years, fragments from various NPCs painted a different picture of Natlan: one ravaged by war, cultural differences between tribes, and a fiery climate that has made the nation known for its hot springs. In fact, one Inazuman bathhouse owner described the place as “a country of white-hot passion, both in name and climate.”

    The Natlán dragons, called saurians, are known to be unique as years of evolution have allowed them to coexist with humans. They are supposed to accompany humanity in the endless conflict in the region, in which Il Capitano, one of the Eleven Fatui Heralds, is said to be involved. He is likely to be one of the main Fatui members that players meet in the new nation.

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    Players have glimpsed Natlan-related designs in the past through Iansan and Vennessa, so it’s hard not to imagine an environment filled with volcanoes, lava, destruction, and dragon fire. However, the minute-long Natlan trailer paints a completely different landscape, one with bright colors and dragons that look more like Pokémon than the fearsome creatures associated with constant war.

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    The trailer features three adorable saurians, who look a lot like the starter Pokémon. They have been shown to perform interesting environmental maneuvers, such as traversing the underground, swimming against the waterfall current, and using hooks to fly through the sky. HoYoverse aims to incorporate new exploration maneuvers with each update, so it would be interesting to experience them together with your saurian companions.

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    While the trailer features some lava scenes, they look extremely bright and much friendlier than players expected from previous descriptions of Natlan. The final scene also shows an environment full of mountains and vegetation, and what looks like a dragon flying in the background. Perhaps the little saurians could evolve into formidable creatures when they grow up, but that’s something players must discover when setting foot in Natlan.

    For now, you can learn more about saurians by participating in the ongoing event called Search for Specially Shaped Saurians, which will take place from May 22, 2024 to June 3, 2024. Also, don’t forget to check out the adorable trailer for Natlan on the official Genshin Impact YouTube channel:

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