How to get the Radio Silence achievement in Genshin Impact


    Radio Silence is an achievement in Genshin Impact Challenger: V Series that can be obtained if the Thunder Manifestation blocks it before attacking it. It is an easy achievement that you can only get by waiting patiently for the start of the boss battle.

    How to get blocked by the Thunder Manifestation in Genshin Impact

    Start by heading to the Thunder Manifestation area on Seirai Island. It is located in the center of Amakumo Peak. To get to the boss, head to the Teleport Waypoint directly below it, then interact with the Thunder Sakura Bough to summon an Electrogranum. This will allow you to travel with the Thunder Spheres, which will take you to the boss area.

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    At the start of the battle, don’t attack the boss. Also don’t activate summons that can perform off-field attacks, such as Guoba, Zhongli’s Pillar, and more. Instead, wait for the boss to complete a series of moves that will place a target symbol in character in the field, pictured above. The target symbol is purple, so it can be a little hard to spot. But once it appears, the Thunder Manifestation has “locked” you. After that, attack the boss to immediately get the Challenger: Series V Achievement called Radio Silence.

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