How to get the Moments of Triumph MMXXII 2022 Title and Seal in Destiny 2


    As 2022 comes to a close, Destiny 2 players will be put on a timeline to complete some of the major activities of the year. Making enough of them will grant the Seal and Title MMXXII. Using this title shows other Guardians that you truly did your best to conquer everything Destiny 2 offered in 2022. The list is daunting, but that sense of accomplishment is worth it.

    Destiny 2 Moments of Triumph 2022

    • Raid Runner, Dungeon Diver
      • Disciple raid vote completed.
      • Completed King’s Fall raid.
      • Completed Duality Dungeon.
      • Completed Watcher’s Dungeon Tower.
      • Six Raid and Dungeon Rotator challenges completed.
      • Create a raid or dungeon weapon pattern.
    • Winner
      • Get a Triumph score of 10,000.
    • psionic operator
      • Complete the mission “Operation Elbrus”.
    • Breaking off
      • Complete the “Bound in Sorrow” mission.
    • Savior of the seven seas
      • Travel to each of the pirate hideouts and defeat the pirate lords inside.
    • rebuilding rasputin
      • Complete the mission “More than a weapon”.
    • vanguard victory
      • Defeat combatants in the Vanguard playlists with any of the following Ritual Weapons: Reckless Danger, Chain of Command, Cry Mutiny, or Veles-X.
    • gambit gauntlet
      • Defeat combatants in VGambit with any of the following ritual weapons: Reckless Peril, Chain of Command, Cry Mutiny, or Veles-X.
    • Crucible Contract
      • Defeat the Guardians in the Crucible with any of the following Ritual Weapons: Reckless Danger, Chain of Command, Cry of Mutiny, or Veles-X.
    • tests wins
      • Win rounds in Trials of Osiris.
    • Test
      • Complete the Nightfall strikes. Bonus progress for higher difficulty strikes.
    • Foreman
    • but this is mine
      • Earn 20 weapon levels using crafted weapons.
    • Builder
      • Complete the playlist or seasonal activities using each Light subclass.
    • don’t call it personal
      • Defeat targets with Glaive projectile and melee final blows. Progress bonus for defeating enemy guardians.
    • empty throne
      • Complete all Witch Queen campaign missions on any difficulty.
    • The Legendary Witch Queen
      • Complete all of the Witch Queen’s quests on Legendary difficulty.
    • Companion
      • Claim all Fynch rank rewards.
    • Disciple’s Vow
      • Complete the “Disciple’s Vow” raid.
    • king fall
      • Complete any version of the “King’s Fall” raid.
    • thief of thoughts
      • Complete the “Duality” dungeon.
    • inverted crisis
      • Complete the “Spire of the Watcher” dungeon.
    • Here we go again
      • Complete six rotating raid or dungeon challenges.
    • i will build it myself
      • Acquire a weapon pattern from a raid or dungeon.
    • signal jammer
      • Complete the exotic mission “Vox Obscura”.
    • solid seraph
      • Complete “Operation: Seraph Shield”.

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    As Guardians score these Triumphs, they’ll unlock items like ghost shells, sparrows, and even a code for a custom T-shirt that shows off their awesomeness. Completing the Seal will push many out of their comfort zone if they stick to the core PvE or PvP content. But who knows? Perhaps you’ll get a taste for a new activity as you tick off some of these wins.

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