How to Get the Frostbite Glove and Ice Essence Badge in Slap Battles


    The Slap Battles glove collection continues to evolve with the release of the Frostbite Glove. However, as always, many players are having difficulty unlocking it, so I will guide you through the complete steps to get the Frostbite Glove in Slap Battles.

    How to Unlock the Frostbite Glove and Ice Essence Badge in Slap Battles

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    You can get the Frostbite glove by winning the Ice Essence Badge in Roblox Slap Battles. To unlock the Ice Essence badge, you will need to be hit by a player who already owns the badge. Freezing glove while you are covered by a block of ice and have the Equipped Fragment Gauntlet (more on all this below). When a Frostbite glove user hits you, you’ll be teleported to the Ice Trials challenge, which is essentially Squid Games’ Hopscotch challenge.

    In this challenge, you must cross a long bridge made up of two glass squares with each step. However, only one of them will be able to support the weight of our character, which means that if we step on the wrong glass, we will die.

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    I was only given one attempt to complete the Ice Trials challenge, which meant I had to go through the same process again when I was eliminated in the final stage. Once I successfully finished the Ice Trials challenge, Slap Battles finally rewarded me with the Frostbite Glove and the Ice Essence Badge.

    Here’s a quick summary of the entire process to unlock Frostbite Glove in Slap battles:

    1. Find someone who already has a Frostbite and an Ice Glove.
    2. Equip the Shards Gauntlet from the spawn area.
    3. Have your friend hit first with the Ice Glove and then with the Frostbite glove.
    4. You will be teleported to the Ice Trials challenge.
    5. Complete the challenge to unlock the Ice Essence badge and the Frostbite Glove.

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    Frostbite Glove Statistics

    Here’s a quick overview of the Frostbite Gloves stats in Slap Battles:

    • Force: 56
    • Speed: fifteen
    • Passive skill (E): Ice Age

    The Ice Age ability freezes nearby players and you can slap them for the duration of the Ice Age effect. However, I discovered that one hit from a powerful glove user like Bull can take out the trapped player instantly. So make sure you use it to your advantage.

    How to get trapped inside a block of ice in Slap Battles

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    To get trapped inside a block of ice, you will need to find a player who already has the Ice Glove, which costs 7,500 slaps in slap battles. Then, have the user hit with the ice glove’s passive ability called Freeze, which will eventually trap you inside the ice block for three seconds.

    How to get Shard gloves in Slap Battles

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    The Shard Glove can be obtained by obtaining the firefighter badge, which tasks you with extinguishing OVERKILL users five times in less than a minute without dying. The best way to complete all of the aforementioned challenges is by entering a private Slap Battles server and coordinating with other players using the in-game Roblox chat.

    You can find players in Slap Battles. discord server or subreddit and ask them to help you complete these challenges.

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