All Boss Spawn and Spawn Locations in Demon Piece


    The best way to collect rare materials like orbs or sunlight stones in Demon Piece is to defeat challenging bosses. So if you are a beginner, here is a list of all the fallen bosses and their spawn locations in Demon Piece for you to learn from.

    All Boss Locations and Demon Piece Rarity

    Below, I’ve selected all of the Demon Piece bosses, including their spawn locations, rarities, and the fastest method to beat them in the game.


    Renier is the first boss of Demon Piece for the Pirates. You will find it in the southern part of Windmill Town (Spawn Island). I recommend taking this fight after reaching 30 and having at least level 15 dominate with your predetermined strike.

    He is a very mobile boss who keeps running in all directions. So the best strategy is to get behind him when he stops running and throw punches at the back of his head. Also, avoid standing in front of him so he can hit you. Repeat this cycle of getting behind him and evading hits to eliminate Renier.

    After defeating Renier, you will be able to obtain the following materials with the following drop rarity:

    • twenty% – Reiner’s Scarf
    • 25% – Leather
    • 25% – Fiber ropes


    As a marine, you will probably find Morgan as your first boss. He resides in central part of Shell Town (Apparation Island) and is similar to Chief Reiner. You must have the exact level requirements and tactics to stay back and deliver hits to the back of the head to emerge victorious in the fight against Morgan in Demon Piece.

    If you did as instructed, you can get the following materials from Morgan as rewards:

    • 5% – Ax hand
    • 10% – Morgan’s mandible
    • 25% – gunpowder
    • 30% – Leather


    Buggy is the first villain that both pirates and marine players can fight in the Central Area of orange city (travel northwest from Shell Town or Windmill Village to arrive). Although you can visit the city after turning level 30, I suggest you fight only after turning 50. For equipment, equip any weapon like a Cutlass or Flintlock for battle.

    During the fight, the buggy will throw his knives into the air or spin with his knife. If he throws his knife, get close to him and attack his defenseless body, but if he starts spinning, stay as far away as you can and shoot him with Flintlock.

    Repeat this cycle and you will get the following materials/items as rewards:

    • 10% – Orange Cape
    • 25% – Toughened glass
    • 25% – gunpowder
    • 30% – Fiber ropes

    monkey boo

    Monkey Abu is a very challenging boss in Demon Piece. You can fight the boss on the left island of the two islands in the jungle POI. He travels to the south of orange city to reach the Jungle reference point. He would only fight the beast after reaching the level. 80 in the game. For equipment, any Ax Hand or Cutlass sword is sufficient.

    Monkey Abu falls to the ground as the battle begins and charges at you like a monkey. In this case, stand in front of the tree and move aside so that it hits the tree, automatically causing damage and stunning. While stunned, slash further to deal more damage.

    Repeat the same procedure with Kingr Abu, who can drop the following items.

    • 10% – Jungle crown
    • 25% – Tree sap
    • 80% – Gorilla skin

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    smoke admiral

    Smoke Admiral is a decent mid-level boss in Demon Piece. You can fight the sea admiral in the central part of City of Logue, regardless of your level. To reach Logue Town, travel northwest to Windmill Village.

    For the fight, I suggest you use Devil Fruits like Gas or Sand. If not available, any paramecia would also work. As soon as the battle starts, he will start hitting you with his staff; Defend him using your basic hits, and when he starts floating in his smoke form, use your devil fruit attacks to deal damage. That’s all!

    Follow the indicated circuit for a chance to win the following in-game items:

    • 0.5% – Any orb like Race
    • 3% – Smoke Admiral’s Cloak
    • 3% – Any devil fruit
    • 5% – Jitte
    • 5% – Vitality serum
    • 5% – Jitte
    • 10% – White Plume Essence
    • 30% – gunpowder
    • 30% – Toughened glass

    King of the Desert

    Desert King is another challenging boss in the second part of the first Demon Piece sea. You can find the boss in the central part of Sandora Islandwhich can be reached by traveling north of Concha City. Only fight the enemy if you are at least level 100 or higher; overcoming it can be a challenge.

    To defeat the boss, I used a Jitte and Gas Fruit for the fight. You can use something similar or the same. When the fight starts, he will start shooting sand like bullets. Keep repositioning yourself to evade these attacks, and when he starts to become stationary, attack him with your sword or the power of the devil fruit to deal damage.

    Repeat the loop to get the following materials:

    • 3% – Golden hook
    • 3% – Cloak of the Desert King
    • fifty% – Sunlight Stone

    sand dragon

    Sand Dragon is an easy boss in the game that drops a lot of interesting items. You can find the Sand Dragon in the west part of sandora. Sandora is easy to get to by traveling north of Shell Town.

    Although the dragon looks intimidating, defeating the creature is easy if you are above level 100. Stay away and shoot the dragon with any weapon (such as a Canon or Flintlock) until it dies to obtain the following materials:

    • 0.25% – Any orb like Race
    • 5% – Dragon Tooth Necklace
    • 5% – Giant’s bone
    • fifteen% – Sunlight Stone
    • fifteen% – Dragon scales


    Arlong is a very challenging boss in Demon Piece. You can fight this boss in Arlong Park, East of Sandora Island. Since it is a demanding boss, I recommend that you are at least level 150 and learn the Black Leg Fighting skill or Haki in the game before the battle.

    Once the battle begins, Arlong will enter the water several times before emerging. He evades all of his water-related attacks and only attack him when he is on land. Also, don’t try to fall into the water while fighting.

    If you followed the prescribed routine, you will get the following items as a reward.

    • 3% – Shark saw
    • 4% – Fishman Belt
    • fifteen% – Mystical pearls
    • 100% – Fish scales


    Kuma is a raid boss in Demon Piece. You can fight him in the Abandoned territory southeast of Skypia. I recommend fighting him after reaching level 150 and bringing a party of 3 to 4 members.

    Once the raid starts, simply dodge the laser attack from its mouth by jumping/evading. Stop attacking when you activate the Paw attack, as it multiplies your attack number.

    Below I have selected all the possible Kuma rewards:

    • 1% – Bear hat
    • 1% – Cyborg glasses
    • 1% – Holy Books
    • 5% – Cyber ​​component
    • 5% – Any orb like Race
    • 7% – rare type devil fruit

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    Guard Captain

    Captain Guard is an easy NPC boss on the floating island of skypiea. Get to Skypiea by traveling east of Arlong Park. Here you can find the Captain of the Guard at the front of the castle area. Although it has a high health pool, you can easily defeat the boss if you are above level 250 using your current builds. Stay away, launch attacks and dodge his fast attacks with a sword.

    After defeating him, you will be able to obtain the following materials from the boss.

    • 5% – Captain’s Rapier
    • 5% – Captain’s helmet
    • fifteen% – Mystical pearls
    • 25% – Angel’s Feather
    • 25% -Steel Aurora
    • 80% – Alloy steel

    God of Thunder

    Thunder God is like the final NPC in Demon Piece. You can fight him right after the Captain of the Guard in the same Castle area in skypiea. Travel east of Arlong Park to find Skypiea Island.

    So how do you defeat the final boss in Demon Piece? I suggest you level up to at least 350. Learn all the fighting techniques in the game and equip yourself with a good logia fruit like Tremor, Light or Paw. When the fight starts, stay defensive and only attack when Enel fires volts. If he goes into hyper mode, take cover behind buildings and only start attacking when he calms down.

    Follow these two instructions to defeat Enel in Demon Piece and obtain the following materials:

    • 1% – Golden staff
    • 1% – Any orb like Race
    • 1% – Celestial Shards
    • 3% – Tomoe Battery
    • 5% – Raigo Core
    • 90% – Angel feathers

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