How to get the Electrical Exhaust achievement in Genshin Impact


    Electric Escape is an achievement in Genshin Impact Challenger: V Series that can be obtained by defeating Thunder Manifestation without being hit by its thunder cage attack. This Achievement is a bit difficult as you have to keep an eye out for a specific ability and make sure to dodge throughout the battle.

    How to defeat a Thunder Manifestation without getting hit by its thunder cage attack in Genshin Impact

    Start by heading to the Thunder Manifestation area on Seirai Island. It is located in the center of Amakumo Peak. To get to the boss, head to the Teleport Waypoint directly below it, then interact with the Thunder Sakura Bough to summon an Electrogranum. This will allow you to travel with the Thunder Spheres, which will take you to the boss area.

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    The Thunder Manifestation rage meter it will continuously increase throughout the battle. Keep an eye out, as the boss will regularly use his targeting cage attack when his rage meter is full. Because the boss is so purple, his attacks can look quite similar to each other. So pay attention to the following sequence below, which will help you determine that a search cage attack is coming.

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    First, the Manifestation of Thunder lock on you, which happens when a purple target symbol appears on your character on the field. then a big circle it will appear below your character, indicating the boss’s AoE. You must run away from the circlesince it will be replaced by the reference cage.

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    The search cage attack will keep moving towards your direction, so you need to flee of that. The only way to successfully get the Electric Escape Achievement is to not get hit by this attack for the entire battle, and you will only get it after defeating the boss. Using a shield doesn’t count, you have to dodge! Remember that the boss will use the ability. repeatedly throughout the battle, depending on how long it takes you to defeat him.

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