How to get Tesla Cannon in Fallout 4 (Best of Three quest guide)


    Fallout 4’s current-gen update that launched in April 2024 added the Tesla Cannon, an incredible weapon that many people want to get their hands on, including The Enclave. If you complete the quest “Echoes of the Past”, you will have heard that they have their eyes on this weapon. Here’s how to complete the Fallout 4 “Best of Three” quest and get this awesome weapon.

    If you want to start this mission, you need to make sure you have downloaded the update that was released for the game. Once you’ve done that, the quest will automatically appear in your quest log when you first enter the game.

    How to start and complete the “Best of Three” quest in Fallout 4

    To begin, you will need to go to your radio on the Pip-Boy and listen to the “Vault-Tec distress signal.” This will then send you to an area near the Edge of the shining sea. You can fast travel to that location and find the body of a Vault 95 Gunner who has a holotape and you’ll have to listen to it. The tape will tell you how the man and his friends from Vault 95 bothered another man named Caroni when they had nothing better to do.

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    After hearing it, they will send you to a nearby church called Hopesmarch Pentecostal Churchwhere will you find another Vault 95 Gunner. Be careful when you get to the church, as there will be many Feral Ghouls wandering around. After taking care of the Ghouls, you can loot the gunner and download his Pip-Boy data. To do this, select the prompt to do so (found next to the Take and Transfer options).

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    Once you have taken care of that, you will be sent to Relay tower 0DB-621, where will you find another Vault 95 Gunner whose Pip-Boy data you can download. Then you must take out your Pip-Boy and access the “Gunner signal remnant” station, which is the sign you must follow to your final destination.

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    Where to follow the remnant of gunner signals for

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    Once you start following the sign, you will head west and then southwest until you find Skylane Flight 1665. This is where you’ll find the final body, which contains a Holotape that says Caroni killed his fellow Vault Gunners with the Tesla Cannon as revenge for the torment they put him through. As soon as you get out of this, Caroni will attack you with the Tesla Cannonstarting a battle that you must win.

    How to get the Tesla Cannon

    You will have to kill Caroni to take the Tesla cannon from him. To do this, you will want to attack him with all your strength. Try not to move too much during the fight, as there are some Deathclaws in the area that could cause problems if you get angry with them and they join the fight.

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    After killing him, you will discover that the Tesla Cannon is not in his inventory; instead, you’ll have to lift it off the ground.. Once you have the Tesla Cannon, you can put this horrible story to rest and keep it safe from The Enclave.

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