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    Fallout 4’s current-gen update, released on April 25, 2024, added a host of new items, quests, and activities for players. Players may have noticed that one thing added were Creation Club quests, and one quest is called “Speak of the Devil.” This is how you can complete that quest and learn about The Black Devil who has helped the Commonwealth for years.

    How to Start and Complete ‘Speak of the Devil’ in Fallout 4

    This quest is part of the current-gen update, so make sure you have it downloaded to start it. If you have it downloaded, you can go ahead and jump into the game, and the mission will start automatically. If it doesn’t start automatically, you may need to be at a higher level before you can complete it. If this is the case, just play for a while and you will eventually unlock it. You can check your quest log to select it and get more information about the quest.

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    Once you’ve started the mission, you’ll want to head to the Wattz Consumer Electronics building to investigate the history of El Diablo Negro. You’ll find a holotape about The Black Devil and a note on a table under a poster of the hero. The note says that the writer will go look for the Black Devil, someone who used to kill assailants when asked. To summon him, local broadcast towers would have to play certain songs on the radio, letting him know they needed him.

    Finding Richie and Connie

    You will want to go to 0MC-810 Relay Tower (which is nearby). There you will find a group of Enclave soldiers and Richie’s body. After killing enemies, loot the “AM 810 Music Catalog” from Richie and read his note. He will mention that Connie headed towards the BADTFL Regional Offices with the other music catalog. Head to the terminal, spread out the satellites (this will take a moment), and then connect the Holotape from the catalog you gave to Richie. From there, you will need to select the option to transfer the song. “Stars and Stripes Forever” to the terminal.

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    Go to BADTFL Regional Offices (again, this is close) and enter the building. Once inside, you’ll find some Enclave soldiers scattered around that you’ll need to kill. If you head to the back of the building where the interrogation rooms are (you’ll find a couple of soldiers and a dog outside the rooms), you’ll find Connie’s body in one.

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    How to Unlock Connie’s Holotape

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    On the table near Connie’s body is the Holotape, but the device is locked. This means that you will need to find the password or hack it. If you can’t hack it, look at the note in the table called “Connie’s Confession” which will contain the words “Check the wall.” Looking behind Connie, you’ll find a piece of paper with her password on it, which will allow you to access the Holotape and the next song.

    The quest will now ask you to head to the Relay Tower 00SC-527, which is quite close to the area you are in now. Once there, insert the Holotape, extend the satellites and then transfer the file to ““America the BEAUTIFUL.” This will make the song play on the radio and allow you to reach the next area.

    Reach the Black Devil’s headquarters

    The next stop in the search is the Boston Police Rationing Site, which is very close to the Relay Tower. To enter, hop on the train and use it and the containers to jump across the building until you reach an open door in the roof. Once inside, you will find a door labeled “Mass Pike Tunnel” which is where you want to go.

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    Upon entering the tunnel, continue following it until you find a dead end. To your left, you will see an entrance to a room, where you can find the Black Devil’s headquarters. If you look inside the room, you will find the body of Sergeant. John Reise, a soldier stationed there and the Black Devil himself. He activates the radio in the room, which will open the door blocking the Power Armor. While turning on the radio the mission ends, you will receive a very short mission titled “Enclave Radio” as soon as this mission ends.

    How to complete the ‘Enclave Radio’ mission in Fallout 4

    To complete this final step of The Black Devil’s story, approach the Devil’s Terminal Inside the room and read the entry. You’ll find out that she was originally in The Enclave and went to hunt down those he used to call friends. He will then ask you to turn off the music streams one last time and grab his Power Armor (a set of Power Armor X-02) to finish what he started: destroy anyone who is part of The Enclave.

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    You can turn off radio broadcasts or leave them playing. If you turn it off, you’ll unlock a safe in the room that gives you the “X-02 Devil’s Inferno” mod for his power armor. If you leave it on, you can hear it on the radio. No matter which one you choose, some Enclave soldiers will ambush you and force you to kill them. Once this is done, you can take on the Black Devil’s mission to destroy The Enclave.

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