How to get Straw in Sengoku Dynasty


    There is a lot you can craft, build, and harvest while you’re Sengoku Dynasty, so it’s understandable that you may get confused on how to obtain specific items. While Straw does come from harvestable Grass, you need to craft the Straw to obtain it. You can also use it to make torches. Here’s how!

    How do you harvest Straw in Sengoku Dynasty?

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    It’s not an unusual thought that you might forage or harvest Straw in Sengoku Dynasty, but that’s not the case. Instead of harvesting Straw, you’ll need to craft it. Go to your craft wheel (where you make your tools) and find Straw on the left side of the wheel. Using two pieces of Grass each, craft as many units of Straw as you want. That’s all you need to do!

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    How to Harvest Grass in Sengoku Dynasty

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    Now that you know that you need to craft Straw by using Grass, you may be wondering where you can find it. Grass can be harvested from a few plants across the map in Sengoku Dynasty, but the one you’ll encounter early on is Eulalia Grass. It’s easy to spot since it has large beige-colored tufts that go in all directions. Approach one of the plants and hold down the Harvest key to collect it. The grass will be collected and added to your inventory.

    How to Craft a Torch in Sengoku Dynasty

    Crafting a Torch was very quick and simple for me, so don’t fret! When playing Sengoku, you end up using your craft wheel quite a bit. Getting a Torch is no different, so head to your craft wheel and look in the bottom left of the wheel. Select the Torch and it will craft one (you can also choose to craft more than one at the same if you want). As long as you have both Straw and Sticks, you’ll be able to get your light.

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