Dino Crisis resurrection teased…via Exoprimal


    Even though Exoprimal might be some pretty good fun if you can rally a squad to help you shoot off your incoming dino foes, there are many who are still salty about the fact that the game isn’t what they thought it’d be. But to be fair, that’s not Exoprimal’s fault.

    The game’s reveal brought a multitude of excitements, as it’s the first time we’ve seen dinos take centre stage like this in a shooter since Dino Crisis, so this must be Dino Crisis, right? Well, it’s not Dino Crisis. And some are smiffed about it.

    But, Expoprimal appears to be giving back to those hoping for a Dino Crisis remake/remaster or reboot, as there could be something of a revival on the way.

    Exoprimal director hints at Dino Crisis content

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    In a move that might thrill those players who weren’t sure about Exoprimal standing on its own two feet without the support of the existing Dino-blasting title, the game’s director has suggested that Dino Crisis content could end up coming to Exoprimal if enough players want it.

    Capcom recently polled gamers on which games they’d like to see return, giving hope to a Dino Crisis revival. Now, Siliconera quizzed game director Takuro Hiraoka on the potential of a crossover between his newest title and the Resi-clone classic. He had some pretty reassuring news.

    Leviathan is the type of entity that will go to any means to collect a variety of useful combat data,” Hiraoka says, referencing the game’s overarching baddie and AI mastermind. “If there’s enough demand from players, Leviathan very well could make this a reality.

    While there’s no promise here, it seems clear that the team knows about players pining for the return of Dino Crisis – and it could turn into something good.

    Exoprimal is already no stranger to crossovers

    Dino Crisis gameplay

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    A collab between Dino Crisis and Exoprimal wouldn’t be too far out of the realms of possibility. After all, we’re still very much expecting the arrival of Street Fighter content in the game during its second season this month, as well as a Monster Hunter collab that’s yet to come in the game’s third season.

    Capcom seems to be throwing a lot of IPs at Exoprimal, and while we can’t quite see a Resident Evil crossover working, who knows whether Chris Redfield will kick some raptor butt? Seeing Dino Crisis again would be a treat, and there’s no doubt that it’s a crossover that makes sense. We’ll take any excuse to shoot more dinos, reskinned or not.


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