How to Get Pink Diamond and Dark Matter Season 7 Rewards in NBA 2K24


    Season 7 brings all the excitement of the playoffs to NBA 2K24, with new MyCareer and MyTeam rewards. New MyTeam cards will be released to celebrate the top players of the playoffs, which means new Pink Diamond and Dark Matter rewards are up for grabs.

    NBA 2K24 Season 7 MyTeam Rewards

    Season 7 introduces several Myteam Cards that can be obtained through the rewards track. Here are the following cards that can be obtained by playing NBA 2K24 MyTeam in Season 7:

    • Level 1: 99 OVR Free agent Jimmy Butler
    • Level 10: Pink Diamond Cam Thomas
    • Level 20: Dillon Brooks Galaxy Opal
    • Level 25: Pink Diamond Avery Johnson
    • Level 30: Opal Galaxy Jerami Grant
    • Level 35: Dark Matter Jerry West
    • Level 40: Dark Matter Nicola Jokic

    Since Season 7 is one of the final seasons of NBA 2K24, the rewards are incredible cards that provide a lot of versatility on both sides of the ball. For Season 7, many players will have rosters built up and these reward cards will help fill out any roster or help newer players catch up to the competition.

    Free Agent Cards can only be used in 5 games, so be sure to use the Jimmy Butler Card in important games or games where you can earn a lot of XP. 99 OVR Dark Matter Jokic is a card everyone should want in their lineup. Jokic has great all-around skills and is eligible at point guard.

    How to Earn MyTeam Rewards in NBA 2K24 Season 7

    You can level up quickly in NBA 2K24 MyTeam by playing different types of games throughout the season. Each game will award XP based on the type of game and your performance. Some of the best ways to earn XP are by completing agendas, challenges, and game modes such as Domination mode, Unlimited, and Salary Cap. You’ll also earn double XP coins throughout the season, and using those coins before playing can make a big difference.

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