Abiotic Factors Growing Guide: How to Plant and Grow Crops


    Now that you have water purification figured out in Abiotic Factor, you’ll want to start planting and growing your crops. If you don’t know how, read on for a no-nonsense guide.

    What you will need to start growing abiotic factor

    The first thing you need is a garden plot (either square or round). These can only be acquired by building them at an Electrical Crafting Station. You won’t start with the recipe, but rather learn it by finding key materials on your travels around the base. The materials needed are a wooden board, a piece of plastic, a hose, and a bag of soil.

    Wood and plastic are abundant and often found when deconstructing furniture. Hoses and bags of soil are harder to find, but are still available in early areas of the office sector. There are several bags of soil in Bio Lab D, along with seeds, which you will need as explained below.

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    Place the garden as you would any other type of construction, however, you will need to locate it in a well-lit area (electric light will suffice; natural light is difficult to get this far underground), with a stable temperature. away from enemies.

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    Once you have built your garden plot, you will need to plant a seed (one for each plot). At the beginning of the game, you’ll only have access to tomato seeds (you can find a generous amount in Bio Lab D), but other crops will become available as you explore.

    Plant the seed by approaching the garden plot with it in your hand and pressing ‘e’ when prompted.

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    Planted seed requires clean water, as explained in the water purification guide linked at the top of the page. For the water message to appear, you will need to have the water container in your hands and point it at the frame of the garden plot.

    Planted and watered seeds take five days to mature in-game. Once the growth cycle is complete, you can harvest the fruit by approaching it and pressing ‘e’.

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    If the plant is well cared for, it will continue to mature and provide a harvest indefinitely. However, if left without water for a long time it will die. Once this happens the only way to recover it will be to destroy the plant and sew a fresh seed.

    In no time you should have tomato juice coming out of your ears, but if it’s another type of red goo you’re craving, why not check out Pro Game Guide’s extensive V-raising guides?

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