How to get past the guards in Sea of ​​Thieves


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    How to get to the Governor’s Mansion in Sea of ​​Thieves – The Journey to Mêlée Island

    To get to the Governor’s Mansion and save Guybrush, you need to get past the Skeleton Guard. This is not an easy task and requires several steps. Fortunately, doing this will complete several commendations along the way.

    How to get past the Skeleton Guards on Mêlée Island in Sea of ​​Thieves

    First, you’ll need to get the chef’s uniform, as you need it to defeat the skeleton guard behind the church. Buy it at the general store and cook the stew to get the meat. Take the meat to the alley behind the church and feed it to Piranha Poodles. They will attack the guard and leave behind a skeletal corpse.

    now you can start building a replacement guard. In short, you need murray of the Scum Bar, the bone Spiffy the Dog is holdinghe bone inside the Clock Towerwhich requires obtaining the Clock Tower key, and the bone inside Mêlée Island jail cell.

    You must buy the monkey doll from the citizen of the island Mêlée to get Spiffy’s bone. Trade this for the bone, then take it to the alley and stick it to the body. Then, steal the Clock Tower Key from the Thirsty Pirate and remove the bone that locks the clock mechanism. Don’t forget to set the clock for midnight too.

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    Finally, take the gunpowder gumdrops from the bench where the guard was sitting on the break. Also buy powder fuses at the general store. Head to the jail, then stick the gunpowder gummies into the locks on the cells. Connect the fuses and then turn them on with your flashlight.

    This will open both cells, freeing Otis. Otis will leave Captain Coco behind, but for now, he takes the bone from the next cell. He attached this to the skeletal body and headed back to jail. He picks up Captain Coco and goes to the Scum Bar. He Trades the Coconut for Murray. You can head into the body to complete your guard by attaching Murray, but I recommend Take Murray to the key locations on the island to get the Guided Tour Commendation.

    With that said, once you’ve attached Murray’s head to the body, you’ll revive him. Murray will head towards the guard blocking the way to the Manor and take his place, allowing you to enter. Head to the mansion and talk to Guybrush. Take Elaine’s note and the key from under Guybrush’s sheets, open the chest and grab a bottle of root beer.

    Captain LeChuck will make an appearance, along with an army of skeletons. Defeat them using the root beer and you will notice that the guards have disappeared from the city. All that remains is to finish the remaining commendations and complete The Journey to Mêlée Island.

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