Honkai Star Rail Leveling Guide – The fastest ways to get Trailblazer EXP, Character EXP and more!


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    Grinding is a chore. But what’s even worse is when you’re 100% ready to grind, but the game prevents you from doing so.

    We love a lot about Honkai: Star Rail, from its characters to its fast-paced gameplay, but one thing we don’t enjoy is how it limits resources for progression. We know that’s how we’re not playing the game 24/7, but come on, at least let us improve the levels! This guide will show you the best and fastest ways to grind Trailblaze and Character EXP so you can progress quickly.

    How to level up your Trailblaze Level quickly on Honkai Star Rail

    Early game, you must reach Pioneer Level 40 as fast as possible. The Cavern of Corrosion rewards at this tier are leagues better than Balance Tier 2. Also, it’s only at this level that Calyxes start dropping five-star Relics, something we wish we had before farming for Relics at Level 30+.

    How to quickly get to Trailblaze level 40

    Before we talk about quests, there is one thing you absolutely have to do: drain your Trailblaze Power every day. The last thing you want to do is let it sit at 160.

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    It doesn’t matter where you use it (Calyx, Simulated Universe, Cavern of Corrosion, etc.) as long as you do it. Each 10 Trailblaze Power consumed is 50 Trailblaze EXP gained. You don’t even have to check Honkai: Star Rail every hour! Spawns a Trailblaze Power every six minutes. As long as it’s close to zero each time, you’ll only have to open the game every 12 hours or so. It is very low effort.

    Daily training and side missions

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    If you do all of your daily and side quests when they arrive, you’ll hit Trailblaze level 30 or higher pretty quickly. This is because many of these the missions are chained, which means you have to wait a day before you get the next part. Here are a couple of examples:

    Don’t worry too much about missing out on the side quests, as they the game will give them to you when you are at the right level and have progressed enough in the main story. We promise!

    treasure chests

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    Another way to earn EXP is by opening chests. Here is a list of all the treasure chest locations in the game to help you out. Each chest opened can give you between five and 30 Trailblaze EXP. So if you’ve been putting off defeating those formidable enemies who protect the precious Chests, which are the most valuable, now is the time to defeat them.

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    Improved puzzles in The Xianzhou Lufou

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    The real hurdle is getting to Trailblaze level 40. Around Trailblaze level 38, our progress slowed down a lot. We thought we had to wait for the Dailies to arrive (which would take days), but we found out that we didn’t! If you have finished the main quest in the Divination Commission, you can redo all puzzles in The Xianzhou Lufou on a higher difficulty. As you know, completing one rewards you with a chest, which means Trailblaze EXP!

    There are four types of puzzles in The Xianzhou Lufou:

    • Compass
    • hexannex
    • Luminflux Pyxis (the one with the lasers and Master Gongshu)
    • The Matrix in the Divination Commission

    To unlock each of their improved difficulties, you must first complete everything on the standard one. That means all Compasses and Hexanexes resolved (don’t worry, they are marked on your maps). The updated Luminflux Pyxis and Divination Matrix are automatically unlocked after the events in the Divination Commission.

    To activate the improved puzzles, you must:

    1. Compass: Complete all Compass puzzles and go to this area in cloud fort. Here’s a schedule that you can call a Starskiff three times (or more) a day. You will have to solve a Compass puzzle for each one. It’s a chain mission, so check the calendar until the compass disappears. The latter would mean that you are done with this quest chain!

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    2. hexannex: Complete all the puzzles in Hexanexus to receive a text message from the Hex Club. They will tell you to meet at the Craft Commission deepen (there will be a puzzle symbol to mark your location, don’t worry!). After that, all Hexanexus puzzles in Stargazer Navalia will reset and you can work on them again.

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    3. Pyxis Luminous Flux: Talk to Master Gongshu in Stargazer Navalia. This is a three day chain quest so remember to come back.

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    4. Arrays: Talk to Huixing in the Divination Commission. Like Master Gongshu, Huixing will make you work on them for three days.

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    After three days (or less), you should be at Trailblazer Level 40. Congratulations!

    How to level up characters quickly in Honkai Star Rail

    When we first started playing Honkai: Star Rail, we’d fight as hard as we could before we realized we’d wasted our time. The experience gained from battle is incredibly minimal. If you value your time like we don’t, please don’t kill the mobs for EXP.

    Instead, use one of three EXP items to increase character levels instantly:

    • Travelers Meetings: Gives 1,000 characters EXP
    • adventure logs: Gives 5,000 characters EXP
    • travel guides: Gives 20,000 characters EXP

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    HoYoverse also gives them out as rewards via the occasional code. However, codes expire quickly, so be sure to claim them as soon as possible!

    How to Get More Travelers Encounters, Adventure Logs, and Travelers Guides

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    There’s no shortcut for this, but here are some ways to “grind” them (we say “grind” because it’s not really possible to do so):

    • Tasks: In EXP Materials/Credits, you can deploy two characters to get a very small amount of these items. We found it better that Honkai/Life balance run eight-hour dispatches. This way, you don’t have to check your game often.
    • Forgotten Hall – Memory of Chaos: After clearing The Last Vestiges of Towering Citadel Forgotten Hall Memory, you will gain access to Memory of Chaos. MoC is a Forgotten Hall stage that cycles every new numbered upgrade. Rewards are also updated and include jades, EXP materials, credits, and more. They are super resistant and the difficulty does not increase with the level of balance.
    • Chalice (Gold): This one isn’t really worth it, and you should be using Trailblaze Power on Relics instead. However, if you are desperate for a character to level up as soon as possible, Calyx (Golden) in survivability will allow you to do so.

    Other than that, daily training, pom pom rewardsand World Shops (like the Hertareum World Shop on the Herta Space Station) also hand out Travelers’ Meetings, Adventure Logs, and Travelers Guides. In the case of World Shops, they will only allow you to buy a fixed number of them, so check back when you have the local currency for them. You get them automatically when you complete a side or daily quest in that world.

    Which characters should I level up first?

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    There are a couple of characters we love, like Seele and Himeko, but ultimately the decision is completely up to you. Get a feel for what your game is like and level up the characters you think you’ll use most often. However, we do have an ongoing best characters guide if you need guidance.

    By the way, and we can’t stress this enough, a max level relic will add a lot more to your stats than a higher level. Farm Relics and Trail Materials, not character EXP materials. Please.

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