How to get Malachite in LEGO Fortnite


    In LEGO Fortnite, malachite is an epic resource needed to upgrade the village and create different items, so you need to know how to obtain this material. I have explored most of the map to find the rarest materials and resources, and this is how you can easily get Malachite in the game.

    Where to find malachite in LEGO Fortnite

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    Malachite is a green stone that can be found in the snowy mountain cliffs in it Frozen Lands Biome in LEGO Fortnite. The Frostland biome is a region where you will suffer cold and frost damage, so it is best to prepare before visiting this place. I recommend equipping trinkets and totems like inner fire and Regeneration Charm. Likewise, you can also consume items like spicy burger and Spicy pepper to resist cold damage in the game.

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    Malachite deposits can be identified by their distinctive green color. Check out the image above to see what they look like in-game. Keep in mind that you can only store up to 30 pieces of malachite in each inventory slot, so it’s ideal to keep an empty bag while farming. However, you cannot break a malachite deposit with any common tool. You will have to prepare a epic pickaxe and here’s how to do it.

    How to create an epic pickaxe in LEGO Fortnite

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    to do a epic pickaxestarts with upgrading your crafting bench to epic rarity. Once this is done, she crafts eight pieces of obsidian slab and five pieces of Frosted Pine Rod. They are both processed materials, so you’ll need raw materials like Obsidian (from the lava caves in Dry Valley) and Frostpine (from harvesting trees in the Frostlands biome. When you have both items, simply visit a Crafting bench and select the epic pickaxe to create one. After obtaining this tool, visit the cliffs and mountain tops in the Frostlands biome to find Malachite.

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    How to make malachite slab in LEGO Fortnite

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    malachite slab It is a necessary resource for Village improvements and to Craft certain amulets and totems.. After obtaining Malachite, you must process the raw resource by building a stone switch utilitarian machine in any town. Each piece of Malachite processes one piece of Malachite Slab. I recommend building several storage chests to store these resources after farming and processing them.

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