How to get Gaia’s outfit in Final Fantasy XIV


    It’s been one of the most sought after NPC costumes ever added to the game, but finally Final Fantasy XIV players can get their hands on Gaia’s outfit from the Eden raid series. Gaia, a supporting character from the Eden raids, first appeared in FFXIV in 2019, and her gothic outfit was one of the most captivating in the game. However, nothing resembling her clothing was current in the game at the time, so fans were forced to make do. Until now! Here’s how to get Gaia’s outfit in FFXIV

    How to get Gaia’s outfit in FFXIV

    Image via Square Enix

    Gaia’s Attire was added to the Final Fantasy XIV online store early on the morning of January 17, along with seven new weapon glams to mimic the character’s Hammer weapon. The outfit retails for $12.00 USD. It is a single character, single item gear set that only works on female characters.

    The gear set also cannot be equipped with legs, feet, or sets, taking up four full gear slots when equipped. You can add head pieces, but that’s about it. This is a bit disappointing, but it’s likely due to how the gear set for the Gaia NPC model was originally created. Also, it’s unfortunate that this set is gender-locked, especially since many previous glam items have lost their gender-lock in the recent 6.3 patch.

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    How to get the Hyposkhesphyra weapons in FFXIV

    Image via Square Enix

    In addition to Gaia’s outfit, you can also equip a Hyposkhesphyra weapon, inspired by Gaia’s weapon, her trusty hammer. There are seven Hyposkhesphyra weapons, a gladiator’s arm, a marauder’s arm, a dark knight’s arm, a spearman’s arm, a reaper’s arm, a conjurer’s arm, and a caster’s arm. You can purchase them separately for $3.00 each, or as part of a $9.00 bundle that includes all seven weapons. Unlike Gaia Attire, these are not gender-locked or limited in what you can equip with them.

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