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    NIKELAND is ringing in the new year early with the help of a limited-time event that invites players to experience the magic of the winter season through ice skating, skiing, and of course, snowball fights! ! Players who participate in enough snowball fights will even earn a free UGC accessory, the Nike New Year Glasses. Continue reading below to learn more about how to unlock these fancy ringtones before they’re gone forever.

    How to Unlock Nike New Year Glasses in NIKELAND – Roblox

    When you spawn in NIKELAND, head towards the frozen lake behind the Showroom. Once there, keep an eye out for glowing snowballs – you’ll need to hit players with 90 of these to win the Nike New Year Googles.

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    To pick up a snow globe, simply walk towards it. You can hold up to 10 snowballs at a time and throw them at the players by pressing what. The player who is closest will also have a blue aura around them when holding a snowball, indicating that they are currently targeting it.

    Screenshot from MyFullGames

    Once you’ve thrown at least 90 snowballs, you’ll automatically unlock the Winter UGC Badge and the item Nike New Year Goggles. That’s all about it! Happy pitching!

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