Backwards: Patch 10.0.5 means new old dragons to tread new track and new track


    “Doing 12/16/2022 at 5:30 p.m., by Philipp Sattler Patch 10.0.5 brings some new stuff to Wwi: Dragonflight. This includes other races for kite riding. We know the routes already. But this time, it would have been helpful for a bit of a bit.

    Riding the dragon is not only very popular for us, it also seems to be very popular for us. Of course, the developers don’t have any other option, because we don’t allow the dragons to fly with our normal mounts on the islands of the dragons, and, at times of world quest and in the dungeon, the developers integrate the system.

    This makes it even better to watch the coming patch 10.0.5. This time, however, the developers make it relatively easy for themselves. Because they didn’t have any new features or elaborately designed systems, they had just all new routes. Even here, the devs are choosing the easiest route.

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    WoW: First glance at the items found in the trading site in the patch 10.0.5.

    In patch 10.0.5 of WoW, dragonflight brings more transmog parts to play, among other things. There are some items already there.

    DK exploit

    Some death knighters only learn the skills of WoW WotLK in battle to achieve huge damage values.

    The same, but different routes fly from here.

    The PTR for patch 10.0.5 isn’t available yet, but dataminers have already received a clear indication of new tracks. These routes aren’t really new. The developers use a trick that has been used for decades. You simply go and turn around.

    In patch 10.0.5 you will be able to fly all routes backwards.

    It should be interesting given that the current routes are designed for the flight and that, in essence, deliver a high speed of a plane. If you simply turn around the road, it should be harder. We may also see one or more changes in the routes here, so they work better.

    Of course, you can earn rewards even from the races. According to dataminers, there’ll be more cosmetic unlocks for your horse dragons. It’s obvious and definitely makes sense.

    Did you even fly all the dragon races and win gold everywhere, or do you wonder if this new feature really lures you out? What do you want for a dragon ride? Are there fewer people, more content, more races, or something else, entirely?


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