How to get Fishing Rod and catch fishes


    Fishing activity is one of the staple features of cozy simulation games, and one of the newest additions, Hello Kitty Island Adventure, is no exception. For players who don’t know, Hello Kitty Island Adventure is an Apple Arcade exclusive featuring several side activities like bug catching, fishing, snorkeling, etc., that you can participate in to have fun while earning rewards. 

    Keep reading our Hello Kitty Island Adventure fishing guide as we share details on how to get the Fishing Rod tool in the game while talking about how to apply bait and catch fish. 

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    Hello Kitty Island Adventure fishing guide

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    To start fishing in Hello Kitty Island Adventure, you need a Fishing Rod, bait, and knowledge on how to catch fish caught in your trap. 

    How to get the Fishing Rod in Hello Kitty Island Adventure

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    You can get the Fishing Rod in the game by completing one of “The Right Tools” category quests called “Keep It Reel,” which you can take from the NPC named Badtz-Maru once you reach Friendship Level 3 with him. 

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    You can find Badtz-Maru at his shop near the docks in the Seaside Resort, the game’s starting area. Here is a map screenshot that shares his precise location:

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    That said, if you haven’t reached Friendship Level 3 with Badtz-Maru, we recommend giving him the following gifts:

    • Ultimate Joke Pizza
    • Pineapple Pizza
    • Dessert Pizza
    • Tofu Pizza
    • Honey Bandit
    • Sunslime
    • Castle Crab
    • Dragon Darter
    • Sunset Scooter
    • Blue Berryfly
    • Coconut
    • Water Balloon

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    Once you reach the required Friendship Level, talk to Badtz-Maru and keep exhausting his dialogues until he asks you whether you have a Fishing Rod on you. Choose the dialogue option, “Nope, no Fishing Rod.”

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    Doing so will trigger the quest with Badtz-Maru giving you the Fishing Rod Plans, which you can craft at the crafting table using the following materials:

    • Sticks x10
    • Thread x3
    • Gizmo x1

    Once you craft the Fishing Rod, head back to Badtz-Maru, and he will explain the basics of fishing. 

    How to catch fish in Hello Kitty Island Adventure

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    Each biome and the water body present in it in Hello Kitty Island Adventure features its unique set of fish that you can catch using the Fishing Rod tool. 

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    To start fishing, select the Fishing Rod from the Tool menu. You can do that by tapping the circular icon on the bottom right side of the game screen and selecting the Fishing Rod from the menu. 

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    Once that is done, head to any water bodies and tap on the Fishing Rod icon to throw the reel. After that, tap on the hook icon to open the Bait menu to select the bait you want to use to catch the fish. 

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    Thankfully, you can literally use anything as bait in Hello Kitty Island Adventure to catch fish, unlike some other games with a more intricate fishing system where you need particular bait to catch specific fish. 

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    After selecting the bait, wait two to three seconds until the Fishing Rod icon pulsates, or an exclamation mark appears. As soon as that happens, tap the Fishing Rod icon to start rolling back the reel. 

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    In this phase, a meter will appear with two arrows on the left and right side, with an indicator appearing on either of the sides on a random basis. You must use the arrows to maintain the line in the middle of the meter to ensure the fish doesn’t get away. 

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    After a short struggle, you will catch the fish, and a small window will appear stating the name of the fish you caught. 

    That concludes our Hello Kitty Island Adventure fishing guide as we have explained how you can get a Fishing Rod while walking you through how to catch fish. For more on Hello Kitty Island Adventure, keep reading GGRecon. 


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