Tower of Fantasy Codes – Redeem for free rewards! (August 2023)


    Updated August 2, 2023

    We checked for new codes!

    Tower of Fantasy is Hotta Studio’s open-world title combining sci-fi, fantasy, and anime aesthetics. There are nearly unlimited opportunities to enjoy in-game, including combat, exploration, socialization, and much more. It can be overwhelming diving into Tower of Fantasy, but codes are a great way to give yourself a strong start.

    You can use codes in Tower of Fantasy to get various rewards. These are a great way to jumpstart your game, but codes have expiration dates. This means you need to use them while they are active. We have compiled a list of codes for Tower of Fantasy, which you can find below.

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    All Tower of Fantasy Codes List

    Working Tower of Fantasy Codes List (Active)

    • YOUKINNOBAKA—Redeem for rewards (New)
    • TOFGALAXY—Redeem for rewards (New)
    • Link2Domain9—Redeem for rewards
    • LETSGODOMAIN9—Redeem for rewards

    Expired Tower of Fantasy List

    • APR1F0OL3RY—Redeem for rewards
    • J3BA1T3D—Redeem for rewards
    • 9AN5X45Q—Redeem for Aesperia Special Gift, 150 Dark Crystals
    • 9AL4VC2X—Redeem for 1x SR Relic Shard Box, 8,888 Gold
    • 9AK7K8TD—Redeem for 1x SR Rlic Shard Box, 1x Black Nucleus
    • TOFINESGS2022—Redeem for 1x Gold Nucleus
    • GIFTVERA—Redeem for 1x Black Nucleus
    • ILOVETOF—Redeem for 1x Gold Nucleus, 5x Weapon Battery II
    • TOF666—Redeem for 8,888 Gold, 1x SR Relic Shard Box
    • TOF888—Redeem for 8,888 Gold, 1x Black Nucleus, 10x Crispy Grilled Fish
    • JKGS7O1MA
    • IFO3KN1GHQ0
    • EYP8I9TJQS
    • PDU4CTVA15S9
    • EUKM917TIOL
    • ht520
    • ht666
    • ht888
    • YL666
    • YL777
    • YT999
    • huanta520
    • huanta666
    • huanta888
    • 9A98W5P0
    • 9AA5GFYG

    Tower of Fantasy Codes FAQ

    Here is everything you need to know about Tower of Fantasy codes.

    How to redeem codes in Tower of Fantasy

    Redeeming codes in Tower of Fantasy is quite easy; just follow these instructions.

    Image by MyFullGames
    1. Launch Tower of Fantasy.
    2. Completing the tutorial.
    3. Press the Gift button in the top-right corner of the screen.
    4. Click on the Rewards tab at the bottom of the screen.
    5. Click on the Exchange button on the left side of the screen.
    6. Click the redeem code field.
    7. Enter the code and hit the Confirm button to claim free prizes.

    How to get more Tower of Fantasy Codes

    To get more Tower of Fantasy codes, check the Tower of Fantasy Discord server, the official ToF Facebook page, or follow them on Twitter @ToF_EN_Official. This way, you also interact with developers and find other players. Of course, you can also bookmark this page and check back as we update our Tower of Fantasy codes list.

    Why aren’t my Tower of Fantasy Codes working?

    New codes are created and implemented by the developers of Tower of Fantasy, and they determine how long they are active. Some codes may expire quicker than others, and some may not work with others. If a code does not work for you, look to see if there’s a spelling error, if the code isn’t active yet, or if it has already expired.

    To help solve that issue, bookmark this page and check back often to see if Tower of Fantasy has added new codes or if some have already expired. If you notice that a code no longer works, let us know! We’ll update the list accordingly once we verify.

    What is Tower of Fantasy?

    Tower of Fantasy is a shared open-world title that mixes fantasy and sci-fi elements. You can summon various Simulacra that aid you in combat and expand your kit. In addition to this, you are free to explore the planet Aida and experience all the delightful activities it has to offer.

    For more information on Tower of Fantasy, check out Tower of Fantasy Tier List – Best PVE Characters Ranked and All Characters and Simulacra in Tower of Fantasy on MyFullGames.


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