How to get Billie Eilish skins in Fortnite


    Billie Eilish, the popular award-winning artist, has finally arrived in Fortnite as part of the festival’s Season 3 crossover event. With Billie Eilish headlining this season, here’s how you can own her skin and other accessories in Fortnite.

    How to get the Billie Eilish Fortnite Festival skin

    To unlock the Billie Eilish Green Roots outfit, you must purchase the Fortnite Season 3 Festival Pass, which costs 1,800 V-bucks (about $16). Purchasing the pass will instantly unlock the Billie Eilish skin and also grant you access to the premium rewards track.

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    The Premium Rewards Track includes the following Billie Eilish accessories:

    • Burial microphone: Requires 1000 music tokens
    • Jam Track – 2014: Requires 2000 music tokens
    • Neon Hunt loading screen: Requires 3000 music tokens
    • Friday I’m in Love Jam Track – 1992: Requires 4000 music tokens
    • Dynamic Point Aura: Requires 5000 music tokens
    • Youngblood Jam Track – 2018: Requires 6000 music tokens
    • Blohsh gesture: Requires 7000 music tokens
    • Billie’s crown: Requires 8000 music tokens
    • Oxytocin Jam Clue: Requires 9000 music tokens
    • Keytar Sleeping Keys: Requires 10,000 music tokens
    • Billie Eilish green roots: Requires 11,000 music tokens

    If you purchased the Premium Rewards Track, you will have the option to purchase rewards from both tracks simultaneously. The “Buy Rewards” button appears at the bottom of the screen after purchasing the premium version, and from there you can choose how many rewards you want to purchase.

    You can earn Festival Points by completing Festival Missions, ranging from playing bass notes to earning Festival Stars.

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    All Billie Eilish cosmetics in the Fortnite item shop

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    Here is the list of Billie Eilish cosmetics available in the Fortnite item shop:

    Bunch Cosmetic rewards Price
    Royal Package You should see me in a crown gesture
    bad boy gesture
    That’s why I’m Jam Track
    Track Jam Happier than ever
    1,500 V-Bucks
    You should see me with a crown You should see me in a crown gesture 500 V-Bucks
    Bad boy bad boy gesture 500 V-Bucks
    Therefore I am That’s why I’m Jam Track 500 V-Bucks
    Happier than ever Track Jam Happier than ever 500 V-Bucks

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