How to get Bankai in Peroxide: Bankai boss fight explained



    Learning how to get Bankai in Peroxide will ensure you are as powerful as possible, as it’s the most sought-after Shiaki ability and the strongest move in the Bleach anime that inspires the game. 

    Peroxide is a popular Roblox role-playing game based on the Bleach anime and manga franchise. You’ll progress through the game by questing and defeating various enemies, with the goal of increasing your overall power as you go.

    If you want to get Bankai in Peroxide and become one of the best fighters in the game, we’ve got you covered.

    How to get Bankai in Peroxide

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    To get Bankai in Peroxide, you will need to meet the prerequisites and defeat the Bankai boss in combat. 

    Here are all the steps you will need to take over the course of your playthrough to get Bankai:

    • Become a Soul Reaper by dying and then speaking to Kisuke in the hub area
    • Complete the quest where you speak to Zanpakto and earn your Shikai
    • Reach level 85 from questing and combat
    • Acquire 420 points (we suggest completing multiple Time Gates and Storm events for lots of points)

    Once you’ve met these criteria, you’ll be halfway to earning your Bankai in Peroxide. Now it’s time to fight the Bankai boss fight. 

    Press the ‘N’ key to bring up the Inner Spirit and speak to them to trigger the Bankai boss fight. 

    How to defeat the Bankai boss in Peroxide

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    The Bankai boss fight in Peroxide is split into two phases, and can be difficult without a little preparation. 

    To start with, your weapon will be taken from you, and identical versions will begin to rain from the sky. Dodge them, and once they all land, go around and interact with them all to find your weapon again. 

    Once you get your weapon back, a checkpoint should activate and the second phase of the Bankai boss will begin where you have to fight them.

    the Bankai boss in Peroxide

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    The boss will replicate your exact stats, so it’s recommended to go into the battle with lower damage figures so you take less damage during the encounter. You’ll also need to use the Flashstep ability consistently to avoid attacks. 

    The boss has a basic attack pattern you can learn quickly, giving you ample opportunities to jump in and get in lots of damage thanks to Flashstep. 

    How to use Bankai

    After the boss is defeated, you’ll absorb the Bankai and get the ability permanently, which can be activated in combat with theG’ key

    That’s all for our coverage of how to get Bankai in Peroxide, and now you know what it takes to secure this powerful ability. 

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