How to get all Zero Hour upgrades and catalysts in Destiny 2


    Outbreak Perfected – Some would say that’s a very accurate name for such a cool weapon in Destiny 2. With the re-release of Zero Hour, there are a ton of new intrinsic upgrades and catalysts that can be crafted into this beauty too! Here you will find detailed information about what is available and how you can find it.

    How do I update Outbreak Perfected in Zero Hour?

    After completing Zero Hour for the first time, you’ll gain access to two types of puzzles that offer different upgrades for your own Outbreak Perfected.

    He three vault puzzles found in both versions of Zero Hour will reward you with intrinsic upgrades, which unlock new stats, barrels, magazines, and stock perks in Outbreak, and grant progress towards unlocking an exotic ship. Clean!

    Certain steps of Refined Outbreak questline will grant new Catalyst perks that replace Outlaw in Outbreak Perfected. Here, we’ll look at how to do both for each set of updates as they roll out over the course of three weeks.

    Zero Hour Vault Puzzle Guide – Destiny 2

    Each Vault Puzzle has two steps to follow. For the first step, you need to find an interactive panel hidden in Zero Hour. Activating this panel will start a timer called Temporary authorization granted. Once you do this, you’ll have about a minute to shoot three special targets that can only be shot with Outbreak Perfected. The panel will display a symbol that matches each of the targets, basically telling you which targets need to be shot in the correct order. Once you do this, the game will give you a message that says “Sequence accepted.”

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    From there, you need to reach the Tower Vaults, which are found right after the floor puzzle towards the end of the mission. Since you completed the first step, you should have access to several switches in the room. He The switches must be activated in a certain order. to unlock the vaults. There is also a monitor displaying a map and cipher for each vault found on the left side of the room, marking each vault with its own column. Look at column that is connected to the chosen paneland read from top to bottom. The order of the arrows and their colors will tell you the order of the switches that will be activated. If you’re in a hurry, we have some guide maps showing the order of each puzzle below.

    How to solve the Week 1 vault puzzle in Zero Hour

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    The first panel can be found in the second combat encounter, which takes place in the old Tower Courtyard from Destiny 1. Once you exit through the entrance tunnel, turn around and jump up to the blue roof. the panel will be on a pillar on that roof. You will be able to detect the panel by the SiVA symbol that flashes on the screen. Once you activate the timer, three targets will appear around the yard. Can be found in:

    1. The farthest pillar on the left.

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    2. Behind the Eververse kiosk in the middle.

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    3. Under the crumbling cliff next to the room’s exit.

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    Once you complete this step, you will have to solve the vault puzzle from Week 1. It will be marked on the monitor by the Square column next to the displayed map. Here is a map to show the resolved order of switches to activate:

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    Once you complete the switch sequence, you will be immediately rewarded with your first intrinsic upgrade for Outbreak Perfected.

    How to solve the Week 2 vault puzzle in Zero Hour

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    The panel for the second Vault puzzle is found in the second hangar you deploy to at the beginning of the mission. It is hidden in a open vent located behind the white jump on the lowest floor. As in Week 1, three panels will appear, located in:

    1. To the right of the panel, in a corner next to a yellow ladder.

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    2. On the second floor, behind another staircase in the middle of the room.

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    3. On a wall on the third floor, to the left of the vents.

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    Second verse, same as the first. Reach the vaults at the end of the mission and activate the correct set of switches. The second set will come from the center column on the monitor, marked with a diamond.

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    Refined Outbreak Walkthrough: How to Get the Week 1 Catalyst for Zero Hour in Destiny 2

    After passing Zero Hour for the first time, Ada-1 will offer a mission called refined sprout. Throughout this mission, you will have to complete a combination of simple and certainly difficult steps that will reward you with new catalyst perks for this beautiful rifle.

    The first step of this search will take you Go to the Cosmodrome and gather inert SiVA clusters to kill the fallen.. This step is pretty easy and self-explanatory. The real trick is the step. after this part.

    After gathering your groups, you will be asked to activate a pair of “catalyst switches” at zero hour Legend Difficulty. Activating one will activate a timer to hit the other, so you have to be quick in this part. It may seem pretty difficult on paper, considering all the confusing hallways and vents you have to twist and turn through, but luckily this is super easy! The switches seem to always be placed on the main path to follow: it’s just a matter of surviving an exotic mission on Legend difficulty with a 20-minute timer.

    The first switch is in the room with four sets of pipes, on the wall next to the walkway in the middle.

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    The second switch is located to the left of a room just after this part, where you jump across an aqueduct and up the correct pipe.

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    For this set of switches, I recommend activating these two in reverse order. Start with the second switch on the pipe, then go down and activate the first switch. This is much faster and generally easier to do than simply moving up from first to second.

    After this, your quest will be updated to require a Zero Hour completion on Legend difficulty. At this point you are already halfway there, but it is always welcome to be offered the opportunity to make additional attempts. Completing this step will reward you with the Quick Hit Reconditioning for Perfected Bud.

    How to Get the Week 2 Catalyst for Zero Hour in Destiny 2

    The Week 2 set of steps for Outbreak Refined will be the same as before. Do another easy step for Ada-1 and then return to Legend Zero Hour.

    The first part will allow you to gather groups of inert SiVA from killing Fallen in the Garden of Exodus 2A Lost Sector. After this, we return to the vents.

    The first switch can be found in the long, thin hallway with ledges on the side, inside the first alcove on the right.

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    The second switch is nearby, just after that long hallway. Go into the next corridor and you will find it hidden on the left.

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    This one is much easier than before; simply activate the first switch and run to the second. If you want, you can clear the hallway first, open the security platforms and so press both switches. After that, you just have to clear Zero Hour in Legend once again. Go back to Ada-1 and you will get the Rewinding reinstalled rounds. Yo I highly recommend rushing to look for this catalyst as soon as possible. If you want to use Outbreak for final PvE activities, since this perk absolutely rocks.

    Outbreak is a truly perfect weapon with some perfect upgrades. Despite all the trouble you have to go through to equip it, it is a very worthwhile investment for any player. And with the final stages of Pantheon upon us, it could be just the thing to help some raid teams get the job done. Good luck, Guardians!

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