How to Get All Beer (Alcohol) Brewing Recipes in Wartales The Tavern Opens


    While turn-based battle and exploration can drive the Wartales tactical RPG, there’s also a lot you can accomplish with crafting. If you’ve turned a companion into a brewer in Wartales: The Tavern Opens, read on to find out how to get all the brewing recipes you need.

    Where to Find Brewing Recipes in Wartales The Tavern Opens

    When you first start the brewing profession in Wartales: The Tavern Opens, you will only have two alcohol recipes available in your Compendium: Cider and brandy. These are given to you for free and do not require a Knowledge Point. Once you have the Tavern upgrade, you can find your current list of alcohol recipes in the Brewing tab of the Compendium.

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    Brewing Recipes (Knowledge Based)

    You can learn a total of five brewing recipes simply by brewing new types of alcohol with a brewer when camping overnight (once you have a brewing vat that a Tinkerer can make at camp). Make cider or brandy to unlock BeerBeer to unlock Cameand came to unlock Mead. You will need to spend 1 knowledge point in the Brewing Vat section of the Compendium to open these three new recipes.

    Brewing recipes (recipe based)

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    All other types of alcohol you can create require a recipe to unlock. These can only be unlocked by downloading the Wartales: The Tavern Opens DLC and opening your tavern. So you need upgrade your tavern to unlocking the Rival Taverns menu and then stealing the recipes through infiltration. (Check out my complete Rival Taverns infiltration guide for everything you need to know about infiltration and recipe theft.)

    Each rival tavern has a brewing recipe that is available to steal. This does not affect reputation. Once stolen, it will be available both in your tavern and at the camp to brew beer. You don’t need to spend a knowledge point to start using them, as they will be immediately available in your Compendium.

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