EU CoD Players Break Warzone Nuke World Record in 7 Minutes and 45 Seconds


    There aren’t many achievements more prestigious than Nuke in Call of Duty. Whether in the multiplayer mode that requires 25 consecutive kills without dying or in the Champion’s Quest in Warzone, only the best can hope to achieve this accolade. So how did four EU players manage to complete the toughest challenge in Warzone in under 8 minutes? Let’s find out.

    Warzone’s nuclear world record

    User GloriousFlame uploaded his video of completing the Champion’s Quest in record time. The stopwatch starts from the moment they accept the contract until the moment of detonation, culminating in 7 minutes and 45 seconds.

    At first, the four-man squad split up to cover more ground and shorten the time to collect the three pieces of the nuclear bomb. As time passed, the four members tackled different targets, but made sure to prioritize their equipment and any additional firepower they would need to ensure a successful detonation.

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    With surprising speed, the three elements were collected by the squad and within 5 minutes they were all converging to assemble the nuclear bomb. Even during the video they comment on their world record pace. While the nuclear bomb was being armed, some tense nerves caused our protagonist to go down, but with a self-revival and a touch from a squadmate, danger was averted. Once the nuclear countdown began, the stalwart brothers had to defend the site for 2 minutes to solidify their amazing achievement. Dozens of angry players invaded their building, launching airstrike after airstrike, mortar after mortar, desperately trying to stop them from completing the challenge.

    Their strategy to hold down the nuke was well thought out: riot shields for defense (despite my hatred of them, I can’t deny their effectiveness), proximity mines to watch the flanks, and the divine combination of thermal sights plus grenades. smoke. The unsuspecting heroes trying to defuse the nuclear bomb with smoke were lit up like a Christmas tree, dashing their hopes instantly.

    The intensity reached maximum levels when the timer passed 10 seconds. Enemy players took down our protagonist, another teammate fell shortly after and with 3 seconds left, the last two teammates defended the nuke to take the victory.

    Congratulations to the four soldiers who managed to achieve this spectacular record; We at MyFullGames salute you.

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