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    In the latest Update 16, developers- Gomu has added several units to the base game. One such unit to feature in the current patch is Albedo(Overseer). Albedo is a mythical unit based on the Albedo character from the Overlord manga series and deals a lot of damage. Though she is a fantastic unit, her full potential can only be seen when you evolve her into the Albedo(Overseer) final form. So, if you are wondering how to do this, I will show you all the instructions in the below guide.

    How to acquire Albedo in Anime Adventures

    Like most mythical characters in Anime Adventures, Albedo can only be obtained by rolling for the character from the Special Banner. So, when the character appears in the Special Banner, bid for it using the default gem. While trying for the character, purchase x10 packs of mythical units to increase your chance of obtaining Albedo instead of opening a single unit. You can also buy and consume Super Lucky or Ultra Lucky Potions to further improve your luck to get the character. 

    So, check every hour for the character from the Summon section. When it appears, immediately start opening packs till you obtain Albedo. 

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    How to acquire Albedo (Overseer) in Anime Adventures

    Once you have obtained Albedo, it’s time to evolve the unit to the Albedo(Overseer) form. To do this, you must get the following items.

    • x10 Overlord Ring(Red)
    • x10 Overlord Ring(Yellow)
    • x10 Overlord Ring(Blue)
    • x12 Star Fruit
    • x4 Star Fruit(Rainbow)
    • x4 Star Fruit(Red)
    • x4 Star Fruit(Blue)
    • x4 Star Fruit(Pink)

    All three Overlord Rings- Red, Yellow, and Blue be acquired as a reward for playing the Undead Tomb Legends Stages or finishing Sabo’s Daily mission. For the Star Fruits, complete the Star Fruit challenges or purchase it from the Gold Shop.

    Once you have all the items, level up the character to 100 by feeding low-tier units as fodders. After that, place the Albedo in the evolve section and transform it to Albedo(Overseer).

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