BitLife – How to Complete the Butcher Challenge



    Completing the BitLife Butcher Challenge is easy once you know how to achieve each objective. Start by creating any character from Romania, then follow the steps below.

    All Objectives to complete the Butcher Challenge in BitLife

    To finish the Butcher Challenge in BitLife, you will need to achieve the following goals in any order.

    How to be born in Romania- BitLife Guide

    To start the Butcher challenge, you must create a character out of Romania. Hit the New Life button from the main menu and start customizing your character. While doing it, just pick Romania as your birth country and select any city from Romania, like Bucharest or Transylvania, to finish the given objective.

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    How to Become a Butcher in Romania – BitLife Guide

    The second objective in the Butcher challenge is to become an actual Butcher. After turning 18, visit the Full-Time job section and look for a post titled – Apprentice Butcher(Grocery Store) from the list of options. Apply for the job and crack the interview. Once you get the job, you can move to the next mission.

    How to murder more than five people while working as a Butcher in BitLife

    The third task in the current challenge is to kill more than five people while working as a butcher. Head to the Crime section under the Activities tab and pick the Murder option. Select any target and choose a murder method to finish them off. Keep repeating the process till you commit five murders. Also, I highly suggest you finish all the murders in the same year, as you may be caught if you age up. 

    How to Escape Prison in BitLife

    The second last objective in the Butcher challenge is to escape prison. Since you have murdered more than five people for the previous task, you will end up in jail.

    Once you are behind the bar, it’s time to escape from it. Use the Escape option under the Prison Activities tab to start the Prison Escape mini-game. The game revolves around strategically moving your character avatar around a tile layout to the exit point while dodging all guards. It may be challenging for players unaccustomed to playing strategy games. So, if you are having a rough time clearing the levels, I highly recommend you check our separate article on prison layout guide. After you break free, the objective will be complete.

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    How to emigrate to the United States after escaping prison in BitLife

    The final objective of the Butcher challenge is to migrate to the USA. After escaping prison, visit the Activities tab and select the Emigrate option. In the list, pick the United States and apply for a Visa. 

    Since you have a criminal history, your Visa may be declined by the US government. If denied, try to sneak into the country Illegally. Once you enter the USA, you will finish the objective and the Butcher challenge. 

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