How to get a whispering promise in BG3


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    There are many items worth striving for in Act 1 of Baldur’s Gate 3. One of them is a ring called whispering promise. This ring is a blessing to any type of healer, including clerics, bards, and some paladins. It can only be picked up from one of the game’s four vendors, and they are all in Act 1.

    Whispering Promise location in Baldur’s Gate 3

    There are four vendors in total that can have the Whispering Promise ring in BG3. There is the human named Brem of the Zhentarim, Grat the elf, Roan also of the Zhentarim, and Volo the Bard. Only one of the sellers will have this item, and it seems completely random which one ends up with it.

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    Brem the zhentarim seller

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    Brem is the Zhentarim seller. where you can buy from Oskar the Artist. In order for the Zhentarim to be friendly enough to want to trade with you, you will need to complete the Find the missing shipment quest chain on the Resurrected Way. There are several ways to do this, including:

    • Saving Rugan of the Gnoll attack on Risen Road.
    • Pick up the shipment and Returning it to the Zhentarim hideout. yourself if Rugan is already dead.
    • Become friends with the Gnoll with the illithid tadpole and have it kill Rugan, then take the chest to the Zhentarim hideout yourself.
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    Once the chest has been returned to the Zhentarim or you have told Rugan that you will take it to Baldur’s Gate for it, you will be in Conditions good enough to trade with Brem in the Zhentarim hideout. below Waukeen Landing.

    Grat the Goblin Trader

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    Grat the Trader is located in the Goblin Camp. near where Volo sings. You’ll have to maintain a somewhat friendly relationship with the camp so that they don’t attack you as soon as they see you; This can be achieved in several ways.

    • Use the tadpole about the goblins who guard the entrance to the Withered City. They will let you pass if you are successful and you will be able to enter the camp without causing any fights.
    • be a drow; These underground elves are welcomed by the elves.
    • Pass the skill test with Intimidation or deception.
    • Free the captured goblin sazza from Druid’s Grove, and she will take you to meet the three goblin leaders: Gut, Ragzlin, and Minthara.

    Roah Moonglow, the Zhentarim Vendor

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    Like Grat the Trader, Roah will only be available to those who are not fighting their way to the Goblin Camp. This The halfling is a Zhentarim vendor.located in the western part of the Destroyed sanctuary. If you enter the Sanctum and turn right at Priestess Gut’s throne, this vendor will be walking up the stairs.

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    The bard flew

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    If you manage to save Volo from the goblins, you will be rewarded with him as a vendor in your camp. To save it, you will need Interact with him as he sings outside the Shattered Sanctum.. Later, his captor will take him back to his cage. This cage is located on the east side of the Shattered Shrine, immediately after Abdirak the Priest of Pain and before reaching the spider pits. You also can buy of his goblin captor, kill the goblin and you take the key, or intimidate the goblin into getting the key. Once Volo is saved, he will go to your camp; You can trade with him by interacting with him and then pressing the button “Trade with” button at the bottom left of the screen during any dialogue.

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    Whispering Promise Price and Stats

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    The Whispering Promise is a rare ring. He has the equipment feature called Blessed Mercy, which says “When you heal a creature, it gains a +1d4 bonus to attack rolls and saving throws for 2 turns.“The price may vary depending on the Charisma of the character who speaks first with the seller. and the Attitude that the seller has towards the party.. To raise the level of friendship with a supplier, give them free stuff; This will cause the smiley face in the lower right corner of the trading screen to move closer to the yellow and green lines; This makes purchases from that supplier a little cheaper.

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