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    In the popular tycoon-style experience My Restaurant, players like you and I can create and grow our very own restaurant by interacting with customers, hiring various staff, purchasing decorations, and, of course, cooking delicious meals. In its Aug. 12, 2023, update, My Restaurant added a new type of food to the menu, and an entirely new way to prepare it, the Taco Truck and Taco food item. For a quick explanation of how you can start your own taco business, continue reading below.

    How to unlock the Taco Truck in My Restaurant

    The Taco Truck, similar to the Lemonade Stand, is an expansion that can be added to the front of your restaurant for 5 million Cash, assuming it’s at least Prestige 2 Semi-Pro, and will passively earn you income when open and stocked. The speed at which your Taco Truck makes and serves food is dependent on its upgrades, along with how much its food sells for. When your Taco Truck runs out of ingredients, you’ll need to refill its stock as soon as possible so it can begin running again.

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    To find the Taco Truck and add it to your restaurant, simply access the Manage menu and then select Expansions. Because of their similarities, it will be listed with the Lemonade Stand.

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    That’s it for this quick guide on how to get a Taco Truck in My Restaurant. Have you added this expansion yet? What do you think of the update overall? Let me know in the comments below!

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