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    Like other life simulation experiences on Roblox, Roblox club allows players to adopt children and pets to create the family of their dreams while playing the way they prefer. Because Club Roblox is so popular, it can host some pretty interesting brand collaborations from time to time, allowing players to indulge their creative side even more. In this short guide, I’ll go over Club Roblox’s collaboration with Furby and show you how you can adopt your own Furby friend into the game.

    How to adopt a Furby in Club Roblox

    Upon entering the Roblox Club, you should immediately notice a large, colorful Furby screen. Trust me, it’s hard to miss!

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    Dancing around this exhibit is an adorable little Furby pet that can be yours absolutely free. Yes, you read that right, totally free! To adopt this new pet, simply walk up and press my.

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    As soon as you do, your Furby will automatically equip you and you can name it, train it, hug it, and more, just like any other Roblox Club pet. You can also change the color of your Furby and completely customize it to your liking.

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    That’s all for this quick guide on how to get a Furby pet in Club Roblox. For a limited time, players can also unlock Furby Clubhouse absolutely free, which is a fantastic addition to any neighborhood!

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