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    One of the best aspects of Baldur’s Gate 3 is how it handles its narrative and branching stories. Depending on how I proceed, I have encountered different scenarios throughout my various games. However, many quests and encounters are time-sensitive, especially in Act 1. Let’s see what you might be missing in Baldur’s Gate 3.

    Baldur’s Gate 3 – Urgent Mission Listings (Spoilers)

    The following quests, events, and encounters may be missed due to time sensitivity and breaks in Baldur’s Gate 3. Redditor Neville_Lynwood and other players have created a master list of these, but be aware that there are major spoilers. These are the urgent quests, events and encounters that you may miss in Baldur’s Gate 3.

    Urgent Missions Baldur’s Gate Act 1

    • owl bear
      • The owlbear in the cave dies after a rest when entering the cave, but you don’t solve it yourself.
    • Grymforge main quest
      • Nere and some Gnomes will die if you rest too long or visit the camp, leave the area after entering twice.
    • Druid Grove Ritual (Conflicting information)
      • The Druid Grove ritual will complete and close the grove after approximately 10 long rests.
    • Lae’Zel and the mountain pass
      • Lae’Zel dies if she goes alone to fight the Githyanki group and you go to camp or rest. She also activates if you get far enough away.
    • Halsin and Goblin Camp
      • Halsin will escape if you kill at least 2 of the goblin leaders or leave the camp with Minthara to attack the grove after a long rest.
    • The Waukeen Rest
      • NPCs will die inside the Burning Inn if you leave the area after discovering it.
    • Cliff Harpies
      • If you don’t investigate the beach after starting the quest, the Harpies will kill the Tiefling.
    • Gnoll caravan ambush
      • Zentharim guards will die if you rest too long after discovering the area.
    • windmill gnome
      • The Gnome tied to the windmill will disappear after an indeterminate amount of time.
    • Myconid Village Gnome
      • Thulla will die if you do not give him the antidote within an unknown number of rests or proceed to Act 2.
    • tiefling bard
      • The mission to compose a song together disappears after clearing the Goblin Camp.
    • tiefling thief
      • The Tiefling Thief will die if not saved from Kagha in an undetermined amount of time, but is confirmed after clearing the Goblin Camp.
    • Myrena’s brothers
      • They can be saved if you don’t tell them that you will rescue their sister or you will knock them out. Knocking them out has mixed results, making not planning to save Myrena the best option.
    • Bugbear Ambush
      • The Tiefling girl with the telescope only dies after progressing through the main story, the number of breaks does not seem to affect this encounter.
    • Goblin Prisoner
      • If you free Halsin, the goblin prisoner will die in the druid camp.
    • wounded illithid
      • The injured Mind Flayer on the sunken ship will disappear after a while. It seems tied to the main story progression and not the break.
    • Ethel’s Store
      • Ethel can be found in the Grove selling potions. She will disappear after enough time or if she explores the swamp.
    • Battle of Grove Gate
      • If you do not reach the gate within a period of time, the forces outside the gate die, including Wyll. Additionally, the Tiefling that dies above the door will eventually be buried and you can get a unique dialogue by talking to the other Tieflings.
    • True soul and followers
      • If you discover the wounded True Soul and his followers, but rest before interacting with them, they will disappear.
    • Gale’s Magic Item Requests
      • Gale asks for magic items after resting twice, or when his approval becomes fair. Certain places also seem to trigger this.

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    Urgent Missions Baldur’s Gate Act 2

    • Moonrise Tower Prisoners (Conflicting information)
      • Will be lost if Shadowfell is completed.
    • Roland
      • Rolan will die if he leaves the Last Light Inn. Avoid exploring the western part of this area until you get the quest to rescue him and his siblings.
    • Drider Ambush
      • Drider and his followers can disappear if you ignore the ambush mission.
    • Halsin and the portal of shadows
      • If you don’t follow Halsin to the beach after starting the quest to save Thaniel, or don’t get plenty of rest, he will die.

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    Urgent Missions Baldur’s Gate Act 3

    • Printing search
      • If you rest too much while the mission begins, the newspaper will publish bad things about your group.
    • Kidnapping/Death of Companion
      • Orin kills the girl sheltered in the camp and kidnaps her companion, but the girl’s death can be avoided by resting well after obtaining Baldur’s Gate. If you rest enough, your companion will die, but he seems tied to completing the Tribunal.
    • Councilor Florric
      • Councilor Florric will be sent to prison and executed after five long breaks.
    • Coronation of Gortash
      • If you kill Orin and rest a certain amount of time or leave the area, everyone except Gortash and his guards will die.
    • mystical carrion
      • You must destroy Carrion’s heart before killing him or he will respawn. His heart moves to a new location if you wish to destroy and kill him again.
    • Duke Ravengard
      • After receiving Gortash’s ultimatum in Redhammer’s submersible, you have six turns to rescue Duke Ravengard before the prison explodes, meaning you’ll lose any NPCs and party members who don’t make it out.
    • Harper’s Hideout
      • You can lock yourself in Harper’s hideout in Wyrm’s Crossing by resting outside it without entering.
    • murder investigation
      • Many of the targets in the Lower City may die after reaching this location, but they can be saved.

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