How to get a free 4-star weapon selector in Wuthering Waves


    Placing banners isn’t always the best way to get higher quality weapons, especially if you’re as unlucky as I am. Here’s how to get a free 4-star weapon selector in Wuthering Waves for your characters.

    Where to find the free 4-star weapon in Wuthering Waves

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    If you’re wondering where to find the free 4-star weapon in Wuthering Waves, read on! It’s not that difficult, but you must complete a mission first. Before you can find the NPC selling the selector, you must complete the Tiger’s Maw exploration quest.

    Once you complete the mission, go to the elevator in Tiger’s Maw Mine and head to the upper floor. Continues after kitchen place and go up the stairs until you see Shilang, a comerciant. He has an Originite Weapon Supply Chest in stock, which you can open to claim:

    • wide leaf
    • Sword
    • pistols
    • Gauntlets
    • Rectifier

    Is not randomized; You can choose exactly what weapon you want and need to upgrade your Wuthering Waves gear. However, to purchase this item, you need to have 80 x lamp. Lucky for you, this mineral can be found right in the mines from the jaws of the tiger.

    Where to find Lampylumen in Wuthering Waves

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    As mentioned above, Lampylumen is a blue mineral found in the mines and caves of Tiger’s Maw. There are several places where you can check it out and pick it up. In one day I managed to collect around 30 Lamp.

    First, head to the middle. Resonance beacon at the Tiger Maw mine. Head to the right and jump down in the hole. Explore this area until you are sure you have collected all the ore. Countless Lampylumen The Wuthering Waves boss is at the end of this tunnel, so you can also take care of him for additional rewards.

    Screenshot of pro game guides

    Once you’re done with the mine, teleport back. You will find more minerals in this. same level as a Resonance Beacon in two areas, left and right.

    When you’re done with the upper area, head to the river together with him. In the end, there is a cave You may come in. Here you will find even more knowledge about Lampylumen for agriculture.

    Once you have collected everything, wait until The server reboots and returns to the same area the next day. In two or three days, you should have enough Lampylumen ore to purchase the supply chest and choose the best weapon of the group for your characters.

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