All Wuthering Waves Female Characters Ranked by Hotness


    While some people choose their team build based on their powers and abilities, I have the glaring flaw of choosing characters for my team based on their appearance. Check out my list of all the female Wuthering Waves characters ranked by attractiveness below.

    Wuthering Waves’ Hottest Female Characters

    11. bis

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    Encore is at the bottom of the list because she looks so cute and innocent with her pink color scheme, long pigtails, and a bow around her neck. Her entire design screams adorable, so, in good faith, I can’t even think of her in terms of attractiveness. Although she captures my heart with the cuteness of her!

    10. Verina

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    Verina is another character that gives me more cute than hot vibes. She looks as angelic as Encore, with a baby face and a beautiful green color scheme. The vine tail is an amazing touch, which exquisitely adds to the nature theme of it.

    9. Yangyang

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    Yangyang is quite pretty and is usually on my team (as well as helping Rover in the story), but unfortunately I have to put her lower on the list. I like her outfit from the middle down, but I’m not really a fan of the design of her blouse. Something seems strange to me every time I look at it, which is why she gets the itch reduction.

    8. Danjin

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    Danjin has the clothes I would love to steal. I love the combination of a long, flowy top with shorts. She looks like the girl next door: very sweet and pretty. Unfortunately, she’s not my type of girl in Gacha games, so she gets a lower ranking.

    7. Chixia

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    Chixia’s outfit has a fun design that matches her vibrant personality. I like that they didn’t go overboard with too much red, but instead saved it for the layers of clothing underneath and partially covered it with the white and gray fabric. Bonus points for the fact that one of her socks reaches up to her thigh while the other does not. Asymmetrical pants/socks are one of my all-time favorite character designs.

    6. Tramp

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    The Rover woman ranks pretty high on this list because I really regret not choosing her as an MC. While I enjoy the male Rover, I would have liked to play with her. Unfortunately, the only way I can change now is to create a new account. And considering that I just received Jianxin, that’s not going to happen. Rover’s blouse with laces going up her chest was a wonderful choice, and there’s nothing I love more than red eyeshadow on a character.

    5. Taoqi

    Image by KURO GAMES

    Taoqi is proof that pink can be used for an attractive design, not just a cute one. She is very feminine and I absolutely adore the flowy pink sleeves on her. I’m also a big fan of her hairstyle, a cute bob with bangs that cover her eye, giving her a more mysterious and seductive vibe. I wouldn’t call her mom per se, but she’s close to her.


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    Baizhi is just as useful as Yangyang in the story, but is more neutral compared to her and characters like Chixia. Baizhi is the definition of a pretty girl and, with her seemingly cold demeanor, she clearly falls into the mom category. Surprisingly, there aren’t many mom characters in Wuthering Waves, but with the list growing, we hope to have a few more soon.

    3. Yinlin

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    The red and purple combination of Yinlin’s outfit, along with her hair and eyes, work wonders on her. Her outfit with the flaps in front and behind her reminds me a little of Lisa from Genshin, another Electro character whose attractiveness is through the roof. She looks very sassy and elegant in combat, so I’m definitely going to use her banner.

    2. Jianxin

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    I never thought I’d rank a monk so highly for attractiveness, and yet here we are. While his outfit commits to the monk theme, he is much more revealing than you would ever see in real life. I’m a big fan of both the chest window and the slit in the shirt over his pants held together with three white belts. As I mentioned earlier, there’s nothing better than an asymmetrical pant design, and Jianxin rocks it.


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    Honestly, if I could hire her to protect me like she does Jinhsi, I absolutely would. It was a tough battle between her and Jianxin, but she won me over with her distant and mysterious aura, as well as her dark and dangerous attire. Her red eyes with different pupils in a consistently neutral face really highlight her aloofness. She seems untouchable and unattainable, which is why she is ranked as the most attractive character in the game.

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