How to get a flash of inspiration in Destiny 2 Dawning



    When you’re baking Traveler Donut Holes or Candy Dead Ghosts, you may be missing the Flash of Inspiration ingredient. Baking ingredients are essential to completing the Dawning event in Destiny 2 and cannot be substituted for any other material. They are often obtained through fairly simple methods, such as defeating Cabal enemies or Vex opponents. However, Flash of Inspiration requires some extra effort due to the recent changes to Orbs of Power. Here’s how to get a flash of inspiration in Destiny 2’s Dawning event.

    How do you get Flash of Inspiration in Destiny 2?

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    In order for Flash of Inspiration to drop, you must generate orbs of power. The easiest way to create Orbs of Power is by using your Super on a group of enemies. However, there are ways to maximize orb generation. Try equipping the Kinetic Siphon helmet mod, which produces orbs of power when you quickly kill opponents with a kinetic weapon. Harmonic Siphon is another helmet mod that can help you spawn orbs, and both mods can be stacked to increase their power.

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    While these methods may generate more Orbs of Power than normal, they do not guarantee a Flash of Inspiration drop. At the end of the day, this ingredient is still a random drop, so there’s a chance it might take a while to recover. While you are grinding Super kills for Flash of Inspiration, you can also receive the Superb Texture ingredient. You can use this ingredient in the Classic Butter Cookies recipe for Eva Levante, so try to work on that recipe in the meantime.

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