How to Fix Windmills Not Working in Manor Lords


    There are many moving parts that contribute to the functioning of the kingdom in Manor Lords, and half the battle is making sure everything runs smoothly. Sometimes structures like windmills can stop production unexpectedly, so here’s our handy guide on how to fix a non-working windmill in Manor Lords.

    How to solve windmill problems in Manor Lords

    If one of the windmills in your city abruptly stops spinning (working), there are a few methods to discover the problem and fix it. First of all, Make sure you have a family assigned to the windmill and the farm.. If you have one without the other, then the wheat that is harvested and threshed into grain will not be transported properly.

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    Also, make sure you have paved roads between your farm, the fields and the windmill. This encourages their hardworking families to stay the course, literally, when processing crops. Furthermore, he remembers that Families need time at the Masía to transform the harvested Wheat into Grain before it can be moved.

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    Another possible solution is Consider where your windmill is built.. Most importantly, you want it close to your farm and crop fields. However, if you build a windmill near a tree line or too close to other buildings, it will likely stop working due to that type of obstruction. Always prioritize building your farm(s) in an open area, free of other structures that may get in the way.

    Finally, a simple solution is to take into account the time of year when you plant, harvest, and mill. It is best to start a new crop rotation in spring., as overall production will slow down drastically in winter. If you try to do it in the fall, you probably won’t see any results until the following year.

    This concludes our guide on how to fix a non-working windmill in Manor Lords. We hope you found this helpful and that you let us know if there are any other structures you’ve had trouble with in the game.

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