How to fix Rust EAC client integrity violation


    Occasionally, certain games like Rust eventually prevent players from accessing content due to various bugs. One of those bugs is an EAC client integrity violation that prevents any player from joining the Rust servers.

    How to fix Rust integrity violation errors

    Players must go through multiple troubleshooting steps and try various solutions to fix the Rust EAC client integrity violation error. The first potential solution is restart your gamefollowed by personal computer either console. Beyond these simple steps, you should try checking your Steam files to fix client integrity violation errors in Rust. Here’s how to check your Steam files for Rust:

    • Step one – Right-click on Rust within your Steam Library
    • Second step – After right-clicking on Rust, select the Properties option in the small tab that appears.
    • Step three – Next, select Local Files from the Rust Properties menu
    • Step four – Under Local Files, select the Verify integrity of fame files option at the bottom of the page.

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    After completing the fourth step above, Steam will start a check for missing or corrupted files. Let Steam finish this verification and if you have any missing or corrupted files, they will be automatically re-downloaded. However, if checking your Steam files for Rust doesn’t clear up the integrity violation error, you may need to use the Nuclear option. In short, the best way to get rid of the error is to uninstall Rust and delete all files in the folder after uninstall.

    How to give Rust or Steam admin privileges

    Another possible fix for the Rust EAC client integrity violation error is to give Rust or Steam administrator privileges. You can grant administrator privileges by going to the folder location for any of the programs. Inside either folder, right click on the exe for Rust or Steam. After right clicking on the exe, select Properties, Combinability and turn on Run this program as administrator low combability.

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