How to Fish and Collect Coral Buddy Gym Items in Fortnite


    If we want Fishhack to join the heist crew, we need to help him catch fish and collect items for the Coral Buddy Gym in Fortnite.

    Coral buddies are important to fish theke, so giving these creatures a place to exercise in fortnite is the main purpose of looking for snapshots for fish theke.

    This primer will teach you how to complete. the gameFind the latest snapshots of fishing and collecting coral buddy gym equipment.

    Where to fish and collect coral buddy gym equipment in fortnite

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    Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 4 Latest Snapshot Quest for Fish Tech. Fish-Thick is ready to join the heist crew, but only if you help him build a gym for the Coral Buddies first.

    In total, there are 14 fish-thick costs. Fish Thicc Quests are relatively early to begin with, but catching fish and collecting Coral Buddy Gym equipment is when things get tough.

    Fish Tech wants seaworthy gear, but where can you find gym gear suitable for coral buddies? This is not explained in the game, but You can get Coral Buddy Gym equipment at any of the fishing spots around the island..

    Take the fishing rod to the fishing hole and cast a line into the water. Now, wait for some bites and reels in the fresh catch. It won’t happen every time, but occasionally, a piece of Coral Buddy Gym equipment even floats to the surface!

    Continue fishing at the fishing spots until you collect. Five pieces of Coral Buddy gym equipment. Knotty Nets, in particular, is a great spot for fishing, but you can find fishing holes all over the island.

    After that, all that’s left is to use the equipment to build a gym and invite coral buddies to Fishthek’s basement aquarium, and you can officially recruit Fishthek to the heist crew!

    Fortnite Fish Thicc Snapshot Quests: Rewards

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    Each Fish Tech quest you complete will land you in a trap. 25K XP. Additionally, you’ll earn exclusive Fish Thek themed cosmetics for completing a certain number of Fish Thek’s Snapshots quests, including the Reef Cake Fish Thek style.

    Below are all the rewards associated with completing the Fish Thicc Quests and how many Fish Thicc Quests you need to complete to get the unlockables:

    • Complete six fish tank quests: Dumbbell driver pickaxe
    • Complete ten correct questions about fish: Soval Sailer Glider
    • Complete 14 correct fish questions: Reef Cake Fish Steak Style

    Here’s everything you need to know to get and collect Coral Buddy Gym equipment in Fortnite. Take the fishing rod to the fishing spots and fish until you collect five pieces of gym equipment for the Coral Buddies.

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