All Warframe Amazon Prime Gaming Rewards and How to Redeem (October 2023)


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    Amazon Prime Gaming members can access a number of exclusive Warframe Prime rewards each month – so it’s worth learning how to redeem them and then turn them into the game.

    Warframe has been around for ten years now, and while the game has a ton of skins for various frames, new ones are regularly released through Amazon Prime. You can get for them. the game Even with a free trial, so if you want to get something for free, you have options.

    Below, we’ll walk you through the steps to claim your Warframe Amazon Prime rewards, as well as this month’s offer.

    All Warframe Amazon Prime Gaming Rewards (October 2023)

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    Here are the Warframe Amazon Prime rewards that can be redeemed this month with a valid Prime membership:

    • Necromac Eridos Vol
    • Octavia Iridos Bundle – Expires on November 14th.
    • Verv Armor Set – Expires on October 15th.
    • Check out the Warframe Shawzin songs and learn how to play them.

    How to Redeem Warframe Prime Rewards

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    Once you know what rewards you can earn, you need to know how to actually use them. This requires you to link your Digital Extremes Inc and Prime accounts, so that the rewards can actually be used in-game.

    Here’s the process to link your accounts and claim Warframe Prime rewards:

    How to Find Warframe Prime Rewards in Game

    Once you’ve redeemed the rewards, you’ll need to get them in-game. This is all you need. Stop Warframe. and select ‘Equipment‘ From there you can select your new gear and equip it.

    That’s all for a breakdown of our current month’s Warframe Prime rewards, and now you know how to claim them.

    For more Warframe guides, stay tuned to GGRecon.


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