How to Find Roblox Sex Games


    If you are looking for games with explicit adult content on Roblox, please note that this type of content is only for players over the age of 18. So even if Roblox allowed this type of game, it wouldn’t apply to younger audiences.

    Are sex games allowed on Roblox?

    Roblox does not allow content that has adult themes. There has never been a time when Roblox has allowed sex in their games. However, since it’s hard to keep track of so many games, there has been a rise in explicit games called Scented Cons or Condos. These games look innocuous but are packed with adult content.

    As of October 2021, Roblox has updated its terms of service. While sex in Roblox games was already banned, the Roblox team has been dedicated to removing anti-TOS content, including sex games.

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    How to find sex games

    Some players can still find sex games, even though Roblox has banned them. Just keep in mind that this content is extremely explicit and is not intended for players under the age of 18. Also, your Roblox account could be permanently banned if you are caught engaging in such content.

    If you know the risks and still want to continue finding sex games, you may need to look outside of Roblox. Players will post links to Scented Cons on Discord or Twitter. To find these discords, simply search for public channels tagged with Scented Cons. Please note that these games are removed very quickly.

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