How to find and defeat the UFO in The Haunting Warzone & DMZ


    The Haunting event in Call of Duty: Warzone and DMZ brings a new set of challenges that players can complete to earn cosmetic rewards. One of the mysterious entities added for Operation Nightmare is the UFO and defeating it is a multi-step process, which I discuss in detail below.

    How to summon the UFO in Warzone and DMZ

    For the UFO Haunting challenge, you must visit Sawah Village southern coast of Al Mazrah (see map). There you will find a mysterious object floating above the shipwreck. Shoot the glowing object to destroy it, after which it will separate into three flying anomalies (third image). Once again, you must destroy these anomalies, but be careful because they will shoot lasers at you. Once all three anomalies or orbs are destroyed, you will have successfully summoned the UFO.

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    How to get the artifact in Warzone and DMZ

    The UFO has more health than the anomalies, therefore it will take more shots to take it down. After the UFO is destroyed, the Artifact will emerge and slowly begin to float towards the ground in a random direction (second image). You must reach the impact point and grab the artifact on the ground (third image). Once you pick up the artifact, you won’t be able to wield any weapons, so I suggest you immediately head to the portal.

    Where to deliver the UFO artifact in Warzone and DMZ

    Image from MyFullGames

    You must deliver the artifact to the ship portal shown in the image above. The location of the portal will also be marked on your tactical map. The orb landed next to me and was on high ground, so I picked it up and used my parachute to glide over to the portal and deposit the Artifact there. Otherwise, you can jump on top of the floating containers to reach the deck of the ship.

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