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    Good Minecraft seeds are few and far between, and I really consider finding proper ones a mastery and an art form. Spending countless hours scouring the internet searching for perfect, rare, and quality seeds with a bunch of content, rare biome combinations, or strange anomalies is hard. If you’re having trouble obtaining quality seeds for the 1.20.2 version of Minecraft, you’ve come to the right place! We have compiled the 20 best seeds, so you won’t have to look further!

    Top 20 1.20.2 Seeds for Minecraft

    20 – Beautiful mountain dome

    Screenshot by MyFullGames

    Seed: 1063292310985219505

    This seed spawns you right on the edge of a giant crater with snow-capped mountains. Right at the bottom lies a beautiful cherry tree forest and a beautiful green pasture on one side. Embedded into the crater edge lies a small igloo, a ruined portal with a gateway to another dimension, and a village that you can help expand. Adventures lie at every corner, and I think this seed has plenty of content to offer, bringing you hours of fun.

    Key Locations and Coordinates
    Beautiful mountain dome Location: At spawn
    Igloo: 8, 104
    Estimated Ruined Portal: 344, 8
    Plains Village: 216, 264

    19 – Snowy mansion getaway

    Screenshot by MyFullGames

    Seed: 2541367698408091918

    Finding a mansion in a snowy environment has been a challenge recently until I discovered this gem. mansions in a polar biome provide a feeling of coziness you really can’t get anywhere else. Enjoy this idyllic landscape alone or with friends, exploring the wilderness outside while taking the opportunity to return to your cozy base for a minute.

    Key Locations and Coordinates
    Snowy mansion getaway: -360, 90, 280
    Igloo: -136, -248
    Estimated Ruined Portal: 280, 152
    Buried Treasure: 136, 216

    18 – Overgrown village

    Screenshot by MyFullGames

    Seed: -8760842477994929977

    This strange seed puts you in the middle of a giant mangrove forest close to a village completely overgrown with mangrove flora. It’s incredible how villagers still go about their daily chores without a worry in the world despite a sprawling Amazonian forest that looks like it’s about to swallow them at any second.

    Key Locations and Coordinates
    Overgrown village Location: At spawn
    Ravine: 22, 52, 5
    Savanna Village: 56, 40
    Buried Treasure: 135, -56

    17 – Luckiest Jungle Island

    Screenshot by MyFullGames

    Seed: 1070141852853881206

    If you’re a survivalist, you will appreciate this luckiest jungle island seed with only a couple of trees and a forest temple. This seed will truly test your survival skills as there are no islands in close proximity, but you can always set up your base of operations in the Temple. You can alternatively build a tree house on top of the largest tree on the island while watching the local wildlife. There’s even an underwater ruined portal close to the island, which can provide you with precious otherworldly resources.

    Key Locations and Coordinates
    Luckiest Jungle Island Location: At spawn
    Estimated Ruined Portal: 40, 72
    Jungle Temple: 8, 8
    Fossil: -200, -24

    16 – Woodland mansion below the village

    Screenshot by MyFullGames

    Seed: 8434750515074551920

    This seed is a spawn of a real freak occurrence. You will spawn in the middle of a village right next to a dark forest. So far, nothing looks out of the ordinary, but if you head toward a small hillside, you will notice a crevice with a couple of villagers’ houses deep inside. If you pay closer attention, you will see that the bottom is comprised of rooftop tiles. Yes, they belong to an entire woodland mansion buried right underneath the village! Explore this exciting find with your friends, and take your archeological and forensic skills to a whole other level!

    Key Locations and Coordinates
    Woodland mansion below the village Location: 715, 90, 600
    Plains Village: 696, 648
    Estimated Ruined Portal: 760, 696
    Mineshaft: 552, 696

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    15 – Epic Badlands Spawn

    Screenshot by MyFullGames

    Seed: 332003967

    This seed spawns you right on the edge of a vast Badlands desert biome. If you’re a fan of building in warmer climates, head on over to the coordinates I provided below to see an excellent plateau half-surrounded by a mountain chain. There are multiple locations ideal for various kinds of activities. Still, my next favorite is a small blue lake contrasted by the surrounding terracotta mountain chain at the second set of coordinates. Be sure to pay them all a visit.

    Key Locations and Coordinates
    Plateau: 210, 110, 400;
    Blue Lake: 660, 160, -20
    Estimated Ruined Portal: 8, 72
    Ancient City: 56, -51, 136

    14 – Quadruple-structure combination

    Screenshot by MyFullGames

    Seed: 5092820108002433452

    This seed spawns four rare structures right next to each other, and to make it even better, it’s right next to your spawning location. You will have a jungle village populated with jungle villager NPCs and a ruined portal right next to it. On the other side, you will see trail ruins which are ripe for exploration. At the very center of all lies a jungle temple like a crown jewel of this incredible seed. Possibilities are endless here, so it definitely earns my recommendation.

    Key Locations and Coordinates
    Quadruple-structure combination Location: At spawn
    Ravine: -107, 36, 116
    Trail Ruins: -264, 40
    Small, Cold Ruin: 136, 88

    13 – Enclosed Mansion in a Mountain Valley

    Screenshot by MyFullGames

    Seed: 5397639543264744637

    This seed offers you an incredible set of geographical and built structures in a relatively small space. You will spawn right on the edge of a mountain chain encircling a woodland mansion with a small village right next to it. But that’s not all; if you descend into a ravine nearby, the crevice will lead you down to a giant cave with an ancient city right underneath the mountain chain. This is yet another seed that’s perfect for exploration as well as playing an RPG scenario with your friends. Either way, the possibilities are endless with this one.

    Key Locations and Coordinates
    Enclosed Mansion in a Mountain Valley Location: At spawn
    Estimated Ruined Portal: 72, 40
    Ravine: -114, 47, 7
    Buried Treasure: -184, 136

    12 – Sky base

    Screenshot by MyFullGames

    Seed: 5397639543264744637

    This seed spawns a set of the tallest frozen waterfalls you will ever see. If you travel to the coordinates I provided below, you will see a tiny floating piece of land high up in the sky with four flash-frozen waterfalls jutting from the sides and going all the way down to the ground. If you’re a fan of building skybases like I am, you will have a real treat letting your creativity run wild with this one.

    Key Locations and Coordinates
    Sky base Location: -350, 155, -100
    Estimated Ruined Portal: 72, 40
    Ravine: -114, 47, 7
    Buried Treasure: -184, 136

    11 – The biggest cave in Minecraft

    Screenshot by MyFullGames

    Seed: 6118459231602779665

    This seed spawns you high on top of a mountain chain, but the real gem lies deep underground. This cave system is one of the most expansive I’ve ever encountered in the game, with many connection caves leading you to lush mineshafts, large overgrown chambers, and even a few ancient cities if you look hard enough.

    Key Locations and Coordinates
    The biggest cave in Minecraft Location: 550, -10, -150
    Ravine: 8, 35, 65
    Estimated Ruined Portal: 264, 104
    Plains Village: 40, 216

    10 – Rare three structures on an island

    Screenshot by MyFullGames

    Seed: 5488339848409328138

    Finding small survival islands with woodland mansions is hard enough, but this one even has a small village right next to it. And if that’s not enough for you, on top of this densely-packed village, you even have access to a ruined portal that you can use to launch an invitation into another dimension. Gather up your resources from your surroundings and take up the challenge of going to the Nether, obtaining precious resources in the process.

    Key Locations and Coordinates
    Rare three structures on an island Location: At spawn
    Buried Treasure: -56, 24
    Taiga Village: 152, 136
    Mineshaft: 136, -8

    9 – Jungle Kingdom

    Screenshot by MyFullGames

    Seed: 2992923606550773650

    If you’re a seasoned jungle survivalist, this seed is perfect for honing your adventure skills. Build your base of operation on a central island of this mountain chain surrounded by bamboo forests and stony mountains. To get out of this naturally-made castle, you can build a bridge over the mountain chain or opt to use a naturally-carved exit towards the sea.

    Key Locations and Coordinates
    Jungle Kingdom Location: 220, 200, -50
    Ancient City: -216, -51, 88
    Trail Ruins: 24, 136
    Estimated Ruined Portal: 25, 136

    8 – Double shipwreck village

    Screenshot by MyFullGames

    Seed: 5905590242893

    This seed will offer you plenty of content if you don’t feel like building bases yourself. If you go to the coordinates below, you will discover a village with not one but two shipwrecks in its port. Finding one wreck near a populated area is rare enough, but having two makes this seed really special indeed. You can upgrade the village, create a merchant port, and perhaps build a customs office somewhere nearby. In practically no time at all, I was handling all shipping distribution centers with my friends, who then proceeded to kick me out of the server for setting the import taxes too high.

    Key Locations and Coordinates
    Double shipwreck village: 700, 60, 700
    Estimated Ruined Portal: -600, -248
    Ocean Monument: -376, -280
    Buried Treasure: -104, -120

    7 – Amazon river

    Screenshot by MyFullGames

    Seed: -8165641993963743610

    If you’re looking for an Indiana Jones-type adventure, this long, winding river offers plenty of excitement. If you travel to the second set of coordinates, you will reach one of the river’s ends, where you will see it flow into a large underground cave. Beautiful bamboo waterfalls lead to a large exposed cave where your underground survival adventure can begin.

    Key Locations and Coordinates
    Cave entrance: 205, 20, 403
    Second cave: 905, 98, 400
    Estimated Ruined Portal: 264, 280
    Savanna Village: -392, -312

    6 – Woodland mansion next to a cherry grove

    Screenshot by MyFullGames

    Seed: -7523701580783307325

    This seed combines two unique features that are extremely popular among the Minecraft player base. You will spawn right next to the woodland mansion. Right across a small woodland area lies a beautiful cherry grove, less than a hundred blocks apart. If you decide to make the mansion your home base, you will have a beautiful vista comprised of snowcapped mountains.

    Key Locations and Coordinates
    Woodland mansion: At spawn
    Woodland mansion: 104, 104
    Estimated Ruined Portal: 296, 8
    Plains Village: 88, -312

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    5 – Magical lush cave

    Screenshot by MyFullGames

    Seed: -6139869176412870354

    During my ventures around this seed, I found a magical, lush underworld with many unique natural structures. All underground explorers will have a blast with this one, as it offers unique features all in one place. An enormous multi-tiered cavern has sprawling vegetation all around, while waterfalls and lava flow down the naturally-formed terraces, making this subterranean landscape ever more vibrant. There is even a double ancient city a few levels below.

    Key Locations and Coordinates
    Magical lush cave: -250, 20, 400
    Estimated Ruined Portal: 200, 88
    Ancient City: 104, -51, 168
    Buried Treasure: -184, -104

    4 – Tripple portal seed

    Screenshot by MyFullGames

    Seed: 7697981986422960203

    Finding double portal seeds is rare enough, but I managed to break that record by finding a triple portal seed that has a village on top of it. By digging down from the Plains village, you will be able to access an End portal room and then connect it to the second portal just a couple of blocks from it. If that wasn’t enough for your portal network, you can even expand your transit area by including the third End portal at the coordinates I provided below.

    Key Locations and Coordinates
    Portal 1: 870, 5, 970
    Portal 2: 872, 4, 975
    End portal: 799, -20, 945

    3 – Cherry Grove Crater village

    Screenshot by MyFullGames

    Seed: 4354585255707245098

    Welcome to the most peaceful, idyllic, and most beautiful village in Minecraft! If you travel to the coordinates I wrote for you below, you will discover a cozy, peaceful plains village surrounded by a ring of still water, sitting at the bottom of a crater. The mountain chain surrounding the village even has a cherry grove, making this one of the most beautiful sceneries I’ve ever seen in this game so far.

    Key Locations and Coordinates
    Ravine: 12, 2, -15
    Mega Ravine: -140, 43, -195
    End portal: 799, -20, 945
    Plains Village: 376, -360

    2 – Hole in the lake

    Screenshot by MyFullGames

    Seed: 4845139847033877462

    This seed is not only an incredibly rare find but is perfect for the adventurists. You will spawn right on the edge of a lake with a giant hole in the center of it. At the bottom of the hole lies a pit of lava and a gaping cave ripe for exploration. There’s even a fishing village right at the edge of the lake, together with an outpost and a ruined portal to top it all off.

    Key Locations and Coordinates
    Hole in the lake: At spawn
    Pillager Outpost: 24, 120
    Estimated Ruined Portal: 24, 184
    Plains Village: -184, 120

    1 – Meadow Mountain dome

    Screenshot by MyFullGames

    Seed: 694292435256417637

    The last seed on the list features a beautiful snow-capped mountain dome surrounded by jagged peaks. The meadow is perfectly flat and perfect for hosting any of your building ideas. You can even set up a small outpost to contain a ruined portal situated in the meadow.

    Key Locations and Coordinates
    Meadow Mountain Dome: At spawn
    Estimated Ruined Portal: -264, -280
    Ancient City: -216, -51, 88
    Mineshaft: -232, Z: -408

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