How to Farm Stat Cubes Quickly in Anime Last Stand


    Stat Cubes are essential if you want to improve the characteristics of your units. If you want a chance to improve your unit’s stats to S+, you need to get as many cubes as possible. Here’s how to farm stat cubes quickly in Anime Last Stand.

    How to get stat cubes quickly in Anime Last Stand

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    The most efficient way to getting Stat Cubes is playing in Infinity mode. Every time you beat a boss after wave 20, you will have a 5% chance for a stat cube to drop. The more waves you survive, the higher your chances of getting these items. In fact, you the chances will increase from 5% to a maximum of 15%.

    That’s a very good drop chance by Roblox standards, especially compared to the 0.5% of getting the best ALS units through summons. Make sure you have at least legendary units available with the best techniques available to stand a chance in Endless mode.

    Other ways to get stat cubes in Anime Last Stand

    There are several ways to get stat cubes in Anime Last Stand. To maximize your chances, try them all.

    • Daily/Weekly Challenges – Sometimes, you will have the opportunity to receive Stat Cube as a reward for completing a mission. But since the challenges change frequently, be sure to log in regularly to avoid missing out on rewards.
    • Evolve units – Every time you upgrade units like Gojo, you will receive a Stat Cube. Gojo is the best option as you can farm Six Eyes and Spirit Shards needed for evolution. But first, you need to obtain Gojo through banner summons, for which you need a lot of emeralds.

    Now that you know how to farm stat cubes quickly in Anime Last Stand, check out Anime Last Stand codes and Anime Last Stand tier list at Pro Gaming Guides.

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